Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Dallas Zoo

On Monday, I finally got to go to the zoo. I love the zoo. Absolutely love seeing all the animals and walking around but my favorite thing to do is take pictures of the animals. They have such animated features and you never know what they are going to do. Like get it My mother in law and I happen to walk by the large turtles (who I thought were fake at first) and she said "Oh no, those are real" and then we both stopped and right in front of us was one mounted on top of the other. We both started laughing and turned and walked away. Left them to their business. And no, I did not take a picture. I wouldn't want someone to take pictures of me and my man getting it on, so yeah. 


I went with Debbie, Kent, Billie Marie, Angie and Colton. Debbie has a season pass and gets her grand-kids in for free but she also gets a discount on regular tickets. We went early because it get's so hot so fast. One minute the breeze felt amazing and then the next I was panting. Granted I was 33 (almost 34) weeks pregnant, but still. We went to the Dallas zoo and I haven't been in forever. Don't remember the last time. I always go to the Ft. Worth one but the Dallas was really nice. They even had a Jurassic Park type area that was really neat. Kent had to show me and Angie that first! I took over 200 pictures but I won't show them all. Haha. If your child is into Dinosaurs, you have till September to visit this part of the zoo. 

 This is the neatest story. So below are pictures of a Cheetah and a Dog. And they are best friends. They have been raised the same way and together, are the same age, and are each others best friends. The dog doesn't know she is a dog and the cheetah doesn't know she is a cheetah. They don't care. Wouldn't it be nice if the world was like that? That we didn't know skin color or race or that we cared rather I was white and you were black. That rather you are a cheetah or a dog in this world, you are still equals. We can learn a lot from animals. 

 At the zoo, they have this live Dinosaur show and Debbie told me when Kent first watched it, he made her sit in the very back and was kind of scared. But then she told him it was fake and that you can see the man's legs that are inside the suit. So he made a clear point to show me that this Dinosaur wasn't real, that there were legs in there of a person. Just in case Aunt Dani got scared. 

Did I mention baby girl is walking now? So we let her out of the stroller to stretch her legs some and do some exploring of her own. 

We ended the day at the children section of the zoo where the boys put on their swimsuits and played in the water. Colton had to show Kent his boo-boo on his foot, just so Kent would know. They are so funny around each other. When one does something, the other has to do it too. Where one goes, the other goes. If one doesn't want to do something but the other does, they get mad at each other and say they are hurting their feelings. They are night and day but I wouldn't change them for the world! 


My favorite photo of the day goes to me and my boys! 

 Funniest photo of the day goes to Billie Marie! The before and after! 

I was even able to get motion snapshots. These are so cool!

Watch Out boys! 

Fly Colton Fly