Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last swim day at Twinpost

Since we didn't move over the weekend, Bobby and I decided to have one last swim weekend. Our new home doesn't have a pool {yet} so we are taking advantage of it as much as we can. And luckily my mom has a pool for me this summer and one of our closest friends has a pool that I could go float in. So on Sunday, after church, Billy, Kristen, Kent, & Billie Marie decided to come enjoy our last pool day with us. And then about an hour later, Matt, Angie and Colton decided they wanted to also have one last swim day in the pool so came on over. 
And of course, this aunt grabs her camera to capture it. Billie loves when Aunt Dani gets her camera out. The girl is drawn to it. She really should be in modeling because the girl can pose and sit and smile and is so pretty. Both boys had to show off for me as well. It amazes me how fast kids remember how to swim. Colton started out in a life jacket, but by the end didn't have to wear it and was jumping off the diving board without it {which of course my camera was already put up because of the splashing so I didn't get any photos of it}! 

Kisses for Momma? Of course

 Kisses for brother? My favorite!

Kisses for Daddy? Sure why not!

 Kisses for Uncle Bobby? Nope! Hahahaha 

Kent thought it would be funny to learn how to twist in the air when he jumped in. He did pretty good except for one time when he forgot to jump and almost crashed his head against the diving board. 

 After I went through all my photos, I realized I never got one of just Colton going by himself, except the one below. Because either he would race up there and go without warning or would jump right after Kent and I had no time to get it. He's to quick for me. 

So remember how I said I don't have a maternity swimsuit. Well it's cause I don't and before I remembered I didn't have one, people were at my house. Luckily it was family and they don't care what I look like but I have to get one for sure now. I made this one work for now but in a few weeks, it won't.