Friday, June 19, 2015

33 weeks

How far along? 33 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain? 21 pounds and he is in between 5 to 5 and 1/2 pounds

Pregnancy clothes? I finally found a few bathing suits online but I think I want to try to find them in the store. I just don't know what size I will be and hate to get the wrong size. So the shopping must begin for one. 

Sleeping? When I am asleep, I am truly asleep. I sleep so sound. But I don't sleep for very long. I fall asleep in between 10:30-11 PM and I wake sometime between 6:00-6:45 AM. No matter how hard I try to go back to sleep on days I can, I just can't do it. 

Best moment this week? Having some energy back. Especially during the day. At night, don't even try to get me to do anything. I'm spent. But during the day, I am full of life. I saw my doctor on Monday and she said everything is going great. I look great, my body looks great, my weight gain is great, I am right on track and to keep doing what I am doing. 

Worst moment this week? Being able to not really walk at night because of how much pressure he is putting on my hips and girl region. I know he's only going to keep getting bigger and that's OK. Just know if you see me during the day going going going, just know at night all I do is sit or lay in bed or I'm in the bath tub. 

Do I miss anything? TV. B and I have been without TV for a week now. We were supposed to get it back on Tuesday (long story) but now we don't get it till Saturday. To be honest, it hasn't been THAT bad. I've only missed a few shows and I started the series DareDevil on Netflix. Plus with the move, we've had some stuff to do at night here. But the quiet is getting to me. Every sound the dogs hear, they bark at. They are use to background noise so the quiet is something new for them. 

Cravings? Milk. Bananas. Peanut Butter. You could have called me Elvis this week because of how much peanut butter and bananas I have eaten. 

Aversion? Any kind of mushy vegetable. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Lower back pain is getting bad. He sits so low on me that by the end of the day, on my drive home from work, I have to have the heat warmers on my seats going. And even that doesn't help. Only a warm bath helps. Sitting in a hard chair hurts me. From the pressure of my weight on the hard surface, just doesn't feel good. I told Bobby it's time for a prenatal massage and since my birthday is coming up (you have 10 days to shop people), I am due for one (or 4)! 

Belly button? Still in. I think it might hold off. The day I see it's popped, I will be shocked and excited. 

Stretch marks? None. I keep asking Bobby if he sees any and every time he tells me no. Now, cellulite on the other hand is in full force but that can't be helped because I get my bottom region from my momma and we are proud of them! 

Looking forward to? A lot. I get to watch Landry and Hayden in swim class today. I get to celebrate my dad this weekend and celebrate my husband on him becoming a dad (almost). He says he's technically not a father yet since MM is still inside me and I can do something for him next year when MM is actually present but I say once the sperm hits the egg, you are a dad! I need to find a paint color for MM's room and get pricing on having someone come paint it for me. I just feel like I need to have all of this done by the time I go on Vacation cause when I get back, we have 3 weeks and I don't want to be freaking out over small things we could have already had done.