Monday, June 15, 2015

32 weeks

As you can tell from behind us, this is the new house! And thank you to my sweet Momma for taking it for us. 

How far along? 32 weeks and 6 days 

Total weight gain? 20 pounds, he is close to 5 pounds 

Maternity clothes? It is getting hard to dress for summer. I finally got some shorts but I am still wanting some dresses. They are the easiest to wear and the most comfy. 

Sleeping? I have been sleeping so good. The only problem is that I wake up at like 6:30 AM everyday and I know to some of you, 6:30 may seem like a normal time, but when you are a 7:30/8 AM wake up person, it is early. Even on days I don't need to wake that early. Part of the reason is because it gets so light out so my body thinks its later and because someone is moving around inside me like crazy! It's not that I am hungry, he's just decided that I have slept long enough and wants to play "punching bag to my bladder" and "how many ribs can I kick all at once!"

Best moment this week? MOVING!!!!!!!! OMG, do you know how great that feels to say that? We finally moved. After all the hoops we had to jump through and the waiting game on a piece of paper from the IRS, we have moved. It is safe to say that I am 100% complete happy with our decision to move. The house we got is completely updated, it just needs our touch and design to go with. Once I have the rooms set the way I want them, I will show you, which won't be till the end of July because the furniture we picked out doesn't get delivered till then.  

Worst moment this week? Moving. Haha. I am so physically tired. I knew I couldn't carry anything over 20 pounds so I stuck with that. But after about 6 hours into it, my lower back and my feet were killing me. I ended up taking a 45 minute bath that night because it was the most comfortable I had been all day. But it was my feet. They hurt the worst. 

Do I miss anything? I still want my dad's margaritas really bad. I have decided that it will be my first alcoholic drink after MM comes. I have had some wine this pregnancy but have stayed away from liquor (with good reason) so I think that's why I want it so bad, knowing I can't. 

Cravings? Dairy Queen. Irving did not have one. Mansfield has one. You ask "how can I have been here for 2 days now and not gone yet?" It's cause I have had no time to go. We have not stopped since Friday morning. But a trip there is in the works this week. A Butterfingers Blizzard (or 4) will be mine! 

Aversions? Everything has gone back to normal. Nothing turns my stomach anymore. 

Pregnancy symptoms? I feel like I am carrying a bowling bowl by the end of the day. I am so good up until about 7pm, then all the weight hits me and I can't walk much. And I pee every hour. Especially if I am up and moving. If I am just sitting, I can go awhile. But as soon as I move, BAM...I have to pee at the moment. 

Belly button? Still in

Stretch marks? None still. 

Looking forward to? I have a baby doctor appointment today but it's not a sonogram. Just a Doppler but it is still nice to hear his heart beat and have the doctor tell me what's next and answer any questions I have. Like last time, I asked about my wedding ring and if I forget to take it off, will they cut it and she said that that was the last resort. They try their best to not do that but if I notice it getting tight, to go ahead and take it off and go buy me a large fake one so I feel like I have something there.