Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Dear Diary,

I am exhausted. Bobby and I have not stopped since Friday. And we have a busy week too. 

Over the weekend, we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas. 

Have you ever been? 

We had not. And OMG......it's amazing! And large! And overwhelming! 

We had no idea what we were getting into when we walked in. Like no idea. When we walked in, a security officer was sitting at the front and asked us if we needed help. My husband being who he is said "Yes....I need to find my pregnant wife a bathroom!" The guy started laughing and pointed us in the direction. Then it was time to get started. We arrived at 10:15 AM, and didn't leave till 3 PM. I peed 15 times and had no food or water. We were running around the building trying to figure out how everything worked so I never got to a stopping point to think about food or water. We finally found a lady who helped us and explained how to do stuff. (Her name was Dana and she was in the living room department if you want someone to help you get started) 

So I am going to attempt to help you, when and if you decide to ever go and want to buy. 

So each department is broken up. There are certain sales people in each department and they do not go into other people's departments. So say you find a couch you want to buy, you go find an associate, tell them you want to buy that sofa. They collect your information on a tablet they carry around, add the couch to a shopping cart for you and hand you a pink ticket with your order on it. If that is all you are buying, you take that pink ticket to the cashier and you go pick up your couch at the pick up place. Really simple. 

But if you are buying multiple items, you then go to the next section and have a different associate add a certain item you picked out to your account you already set up. They will then hand you another pink ticket that you will hold on to. If you end up visiting 8 departments and buy something from each department, you will have 8 pink tickets. You will take each pink ticket to the check out and that's how you check out. 

I hope that makes sense. If you are getting the stuff delivered, the first person you are with will set it up for you. Our problem was that they only come to Mansfield 2 days a week and the next time they come wasn't until mid-July. But then one of the items we wanted wasn't in stock til after that delivery date so we had to move the delivery date in order to get all the items we wanted on one truck. After we figured out how to do it, it was simple. It was just a matter of finding the item we wanted. They have so much. If you go and your going to buy, prepare to spend like 3-5 hours. And where comfy shoes. And don't go pregnant. Haha. 

Simple things to remember:
1) Keep each pink ticket they give you. Don't throw them away. You will need them to check out. No matter if you have 1 or 10, keep them all. 
2) Have the associate write on the back of each ticket what it is, just in case you decide you don't want that item. 
3) If you are going to just walk around, it will probably take you about an hour to walk through everything. If you are going to shop, give yourself a lot of time. 
4) They have a Subway and a See's Candies in the building so don't be like B and me and not go get something to eat and realize it's 3 PM and you haven't eaten since 8 AM! 
5) You can find a bathroom in almost each department. They do not lack in the bathroom department. And they are super nice. 
6) You want it, they probably have it. From knick knacks, to ovens, to couches, to decor, to baby, to computers, to watches, to flooring and I could keep going on. 
7) You aren't tied down to one associate and they don't seem to work on commission and if they do, they don't pressure you at all. They all have their assigned spots and they stay there. So no one is following you around like a vulture waiting to pounce. 

I hope this helps if you decide you want to go. It can be overwhelming but don't be afraid to ask questions and find an associate to help you. We got lucky finding Dana who explained everything to us. 

Good luck and have fun! 

Love, Me