Monday, February 2, 2015

It's a BOY!

So I have a HUGE confession to make. I lied to all of you. And even though I don't feel bad about it or don't regret my decision to lie to you all, I feel I must tell the truth now. Now that everything is out in the open.
Ok here goes........I knew what Bobby and I were having Friday at the doctors office.
Ok family.......go ahead and send me those nasty text about me lying to you and telling you I had an envelope and everything.
First off, there was no way I was going to lay in that room with the ultra sound technician and not look at my baby. I knew myself better than that and I had talked to Bobby about it the night before. I asked him if he cared if I saw what it was. And he told me, if it was killing me and I just couldn't wait, to go ahead but to call him as soon as I was done and tell him.
Second, this baby was wide spread eagle. When the technician asked if I wanted to know, I said yes. I had prayed to God before I walked into the room, telling him whatever this is, I will be ok with it. I had mixed emotions about both sexes and found some peace before laying on the bed. I felt like it was my right and my moment to see what this little one was. When she went to the bottom region, she giggled.
Third, time stood still for me when she said "I am about 95% sure its a boy". Every single fiber in my body was alive. Here I am laying on this bed with the gel on my tummy staring at my son. MY SON! My sweet little boy. She started talking about everything, saying he was perfect in size, measuring right on track and how he was going to be a hand full because of how mobile he was. He already likes the camera and showing off. He was moving in all directions. She was able to capture so much and look at everything, hence why it was much easier for her to look at the private parts. She said the doctor would be in next and he would either confirm or deny her prediction.
Fourth, she walked out and about 1 minute later, he walked in. I told him what she predicted and he laughed and said "Ok, well then we will start there". He said he was 97% sure it was a boy and explained to me why he thought so. Showing me his area and explained how it would look if it was a boy and what it would look like if it was a girl. Then he went to the head and measured everything. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was looking at the brain and looking at the nose development. We went for genetic testing to make sure everything was going smoothly and if there were complications, we could know. But he said he was perfect. The nose was right on track, the head was the right size, the brain looked good, his heart was beating at 145, his arms and legs looked good and the back of the neck was right on track. I never knew how many things can tell you if something is wrong. I am so glad we did this. The last thing the doctor said to me was "Don't go blowing your Visa bill on boy clothes just yet. Wait till your next appointment so we can be 100% clear on the sex." I have a feeling my husband coached him on that line.
Fifth, I got in my car and called Bobby. You could hear the nervousness in his voice. Like he wanted to know but was scared of the results. I had polled a bunch of people and in the end, we had 31 votes for boy and 27 votes for girl. So almost 50/50. So he took a deep breathe and said "ok, what is it?" I said "Babe, we are having a boy!" And you could just hear the breathe he had been holding in release and he started laughing. 
Sixth, knowing I had told everyone I wasn't finding out and was going to record us opening the envelope, I just decided to stick to that story. I made it easier on myself. I knew if everyone knew I knew, I would get bombarded by text, pressuring me to tell them. So I stuck to my story. And I really did hate lying to all of you who did text me. I am sorry about that. But you must understand where I am coming from. 
Seventh, when Bobby got home on Saturday I told him we would just pretend about the envelope but he hated that idea. He didn't want to fake it. So we started brainstorming on what we could do. We thought about going to Target and going down the baby isle and finding something pink and something blue and making a video of which one but I didn't want to stand in the middle of Target doing this. Then I remembered we had a video of the sonogram and I thought we could pause on the part that showed his privates but Bobby didn't like that idea. Then it was like something clicked in his mind. "Sprinkles Cupcakes. They have been a big part of our lives for years now, it would only make sense. We could have them write Boy on the cupcakes and we could do a video on it." and I loved it. So we hopped in the car, drove all the way to Sprinkles to stand in a 10 minute line but Sprinkles was so helpful and made our day extra special. (just a cool fact....the Sprinkles owner, Candace herself, comment on our video.)
I wasn't able to post the whole video on Instagram so here it is. 

I have been on such a high since Friday. Finding out at 13 weeks is a dream. I don't have to think about anything else except keeping myself healthy and enjoying this pregnancy. When I was staring at him, I could all ready tell he has Bobby's profile, Bobby's nose and my lips. His profile is perfect. They just kept calling him perfect. Isn't that my job to call him perfect?
The only thing I was missing was Bobby there with me. He already felt bad about not being there so I tried to not rub it in, but it would have made that moment just that much more perfect. But he will be at all the rest because there is no way he is missing out on seeing his boy again. BOY...I just keep repeating it to myself. BOY!  
 His full profile and body photo

Waving hello. That little light in the middle of the picture is his hand.

 It took everything I had to not wave back at him! :)