Monday, February 23, 2015

"I really like that dress. It takes a lot of balls to wear that dress!"- NPH

The Academy Awards, Part 1- Let's talk about the Fashion

So the Oscars were last night and as much as I love the Oscars, I was a tad brokenhearted sitting on my couch. Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were NOT there! The three people I look forward to the most were not present on my favorite night of the year. So I went into the night crushed already. But I didn't let that take me away from the night and looking at all the beautiful dresses and suits. I took notes on all my favorite people so let's get to it.

My favorite of the night went to Rosamund Pike. She looked absolutely gorgeous! She wore Givenchy and I loved everything about her. From the dress to the hair and earrings, she is starting to become one of my favorite people and after the baby comes, I still might get my hair cut just like hers.

Anna Kendrick wore a custom Thakoon dress and boy, did she look amazing. I love how she looks sexy without showing a lot off. She just has a class about her. She was the first one that caught my eye on the red carpet. And then her performance with NPH on stage was just perfect. 

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith were my favorite pair of the evening. I love this mother/daughter duo. Dakota wore Saint Laurent and Melanie wore Roland Mouret. And when they asked Melanie if she has seen Fifty Shades of Grey, she nicely said no, I won't be seeing that. And I don't blame her. I would not want to watch my daughter in those scenes. She complimented on how talented her daughter was and didn't need to see the movie to prove it to herself. 

Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Kara and I both still see and hear Elle Woods whenever she speaks. She is gorgeous and nice and has just a great attitude. And she didn't disappoint on the red carpet. I loved her Tom Ford dress. Just classic. 

Jennifer Lopez wore Elie Saab Couture and the only reason I picked her on my list is because I think J.Lo is so pretty. And if her dress wasn't that low, it might have been my favorite of the evening. I love how she can make any ponytail look amazing. Mine always looks flat and dead but not hers. She just looked flawless (minus the cleavage). 

Lupita Nyongo wore a Calvin Klein original and boy was it ever original. This lady never disappoints. There was over 6000 pearls on the dress. She claimed it was comfy but if someone made me a dress full of pearls, I would say anything they wanted me too. 

Patricia Arquette (who I predicted would win for Boyhood) wore her friends custom dress. When they were little girls, Patricia told her she wanted to be an actress and her friend, Rosetta Getty, told her she wanted to be a fashion designer and here they are many years later. She looked gorgeous. I love Patricia so very much and her speech was just perfect (more on that tomorrow). 

One of the prettiest women in Hollywood to me would be Margot Robbie (plus her name is to die for). That girl could wear a paper sack and she would still make my list. But she didn't and wore Saint Laurent instead. This is how low cut is done. Very pretty, very classy with the sheer sleeves. And her red lips were popping. Just perfect. 

Bradley Cooper is one of my top 5 favorite actors (and his looks don't hurt this position). Him as Chris Kyle was just perfect. American Sniper is one of my favorite movies and he did so good in it. And last night he looked dreamy as ever. I do prefer his hair a little messy (like in The Hangover) but he was going for a gentlemen look and he totally had my heart. 

Channing Tatum wore Dolce and Gabbana and did not disappoint. Men get off so easy at award shows. As long as they have looks, they will get put on the list. But I don't think just anyone can pull off a suit. The suit must be tailored to you and Channing does just that. Was not a fan of the facial hair but to each is own. 

The guy that surprised me this evening was Miles Teller. I was a fan of his in Footloose, and then again in Project X and I found myself really laughing at him in 21 & Over but really noticed him in Divergent. I have not seen Whiplash but have heard only good things (it did win a lot of awards last night). He chose for a dark blue suit over black. I love when men step out of the box a little. Rather it was him who chose it or a stylish, they deserve a slap on the back. He looked great. 

The biggest fashion accessory I saw of the evening was these weird type of earrings and I became a fan of them as the night went on. I saw them on a different bunch of women. Instead of the earring going down, the earring went up the ear. It's such a neat, gorgeous concept; taking an everyday item and enhancing it. Chloe Grace Moretz had my favorite ones. 

There wasn't anyone that just stood out bad to me. Everyone kept it lower key and maybe because it's the Oscars. The classiest night of the year! Tomorrow we will go over the actual ceremony and discuss speeches because there was a few that were incredible.

Now back to my snow day at home. A sweet white lab is dying to go play!