Thursday, February 5, 2015

Is it just me or was there anyone else excited when Missy Elliot came out on stage?

Let's talk Super Bowl 2015. I thought the game was very good. I would had loved it better if the Seahawks had won, but it's ok. Tom Brady is a hell of a quarterback and his team wasn't going to go down without a fight so I congratulate them on their win this year. Here's hoping Russell Wilson joins the Texas Rangers and I can watch him play baseball.
But more importantly, lets talk Super Bowl 2015 commercials. If you were anything like me, you might have felt a tad disappointed in them this year and found most of them to be sad. Like the Nationwide commercial about the kids not growing up because they died? Worst commercial ever. Kim Kardashian's commercial was better than that one. But I did manage to find a few (8) in the batch that really stuck out and that I love.

Fiat 500X Super Bowl Commercial-
This commercial cracked me up. The old couple just want to get it on but his little blue pill takes a tumble down the city into the gas tank of a small Fiat, changing the Fiat into a small SUV (which btw: I am in love with. Super cute and no Bobby Lewis, I don't want you to buy me this for my new vehicle.)

Loctite Super Glue Super Bowl Commercial-
OMG....I laughed so hard at this commercial that I had to re-watch it. I had no clue what it was for because I just kept laughing at the 1980's outfits and dancing. And I love how they bring the fanny pack back.

Dove Men Dad Commercial-
So this is one of the ones that pulled at my heart strings a tad. I love when the commercial is something like this and the product is just simply told at the end. Because it makes me remember it. Bobby has used Dove Men line before and I love the product, but now I love the company even more. #RealStrength

Snicker's Bar The Brady Bunch Super Bowl Commercial-
My mom grew up watching The Brady Bunch so of course she made Kara and I watch it. But we loved it as much as her so when I saw this, it made me smile and then laugh. Getting Danny Trejo to play Marcia and that infamous scene of her braking her nose and then Steve Buscemi as Jan was just so perfect!

Dorito's When Pigs Fly Super Bowl Commercial-
So we all know I want a pet pig. And we all know Dorito's have been my thang lately! So when I saw a Dorito's commercial with a pig, I was all on board. Dorito's commercials are always short, simple and to the point but I love them. And I love this one. Can't wait to get my pet pig!

Always Like A Girl Super Bowl Commercial-
I am all for girl power. This commercial is one of the best I have ever seen. Having people pretend to run like a girl and fight like a girl and looking sissy when they do it. When in reality, girls are tougher, stronger and have more fight in them. I love how they remind us to be kind and to remember that saying negative things can hurt people.

Nissan Camry My Bold Dad Super Bowl Commercial-
I had a hard time picking between this one and my number 1 for being number 1. The only reason I didn't pick this as number 1 is because I can't physically watch it. It makes me cry way to hard. I have a WONDERFUL relationship with my dad and this (even though I don't go fight for my country) just hits close to home for me. I was and still am a daddy's girl. Grab your Kleenex for this one.

Budweiser Lost Puppy Super Bowl Commercial-
But of course. How could this not be number 1 for me? It does make me tear up when the puppy comes home and he's washing him in the sink and he licks his face. Makes me want to go home and grab Dash and not let go. And how the horses come to his rescue against the mean wolf and bring him home safely. Now I want a puppy. Poor and my huge love of animals could cost him a fortune.

Well that is my top Super Bowl commercials for this year. Were any of your favorites in my top? Did you think there was one that I missed and should have been? Did you cry at any of them? Is it just the pregnancy making me cry?
I could not do this post without saying how AWESOME Katy Perry did and how bringing Missy Elliot back was
the dopiest s*&t ever! Missy still has it going on. Unfortunately, I can not post the half time show due to the NFL legal team and copyrighting blah blah blah but I can show you my favorite thing of all night!
The Sharks! I am betting that this is the number one Halloween costume this year.

Over all I have to say that this was a great night for Football! Until next year!