Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Debbie

Dear Diary,

Today is a very special ladies birthday. My sweet mother in law, Debbie Lewis, is turning another year older, even though she doesn't look it. I love my mother in law. I have been very blessed to have someone that loves me for her son and the thing is, she's liked me from day 1. She use to tell Bobby to not be mean to me and that I am probably always right. In fights, she would take my side and tell him to not ruin what he has. She saw something in us from the very start and has believed in us ever since. She never has a bad word to say about anyone, she is a wonderful Christian lady and I love her to pieces. She is an amazing Grammy. Those grandkids are her life. She will drop anything she is doing if they/we need her. I haven't had the joy of seeing her with mine, but I see her with Colton, Kent and Billie and I just cant wait for my little guy to love her like they do. Kent tells Kristen almost everyday after Grammy drops him off at home....."I'm going to miss Grammy" in this very sad whinny voice. She's always there for anyone who needs her, she never puts herself first and she will have a very special place in heaven I believe.
Happy Birthday Debbie. I love you!

Love, Me