Friday, February 13, 2015

15 weeks

How far along? 15 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain? 4 pounds on the dot as of this morning. Yay!

Maternity clothes? About 80% now. Because my bump is so low, my pants and a belly band just aren't cutting it. I'm miserable by the end of the day. And my normal shirts make me look fat, not pregnant, while pregnant tops form to your belly. So I went shopping last weekend and got me some really cute, stylish clothes and I feel much better. Oh.....and I am still in my heels and boots. You won't get me out of those!

Sleeping? Some. I have had the worst dreams this week and I wake myself up in a panic. I am just having a hard time staying asleep. 4:45am has become my worst enemy this week. It seems to be the golden time for me to wake. I do fall back asleep about an hour later but then when I wake at 7:30am, I am drowsy.

Best moment this week? Hearing this little guys heart beat this morning. It was at 145 and it sounded perfect. He is incredibly low, hanging out behind my bladder so she had a hard time finding it at first. I told her to try really low and there he was. And she said he kicked but I never felt it, it was just an echo in the heartbeat machine is how she knew.

Worst moment this week? 2 things- 1) My dreams this week have been awful. The worst one was I dreamed my parents, Kara and Hayden were all on a roller coaster and the roller coaster decided to have a mind of its own and throw people into traffic. It took each individual person and put them into a pod and slung them into on coming traffic. And I had to sit there and watch it and watch my family get chunked into traffic. Luckily, they landed on soft grass and I was able to find them. I remember finding Hayden first and holding him so tight and he started playing with my hair and sucking his thumb. Then Kara, mom and dad came running at me. But the worst part is I remember watching people I didn't know get smashed into cars and were trying to jump over cars. I woke up in a massive panic. 2) My sweet Maddy passing away this morning. I am way to emotional to go into it today but I do have a special blog planned out for her next week so be looking out for that. And have your tissues ready. It's going to be a doozy!

Do I miss anything? Maddy. And I could really go for a shot of tequila or a large glass of wine right now.

Cravings? DORITOS! Bobby got me a bag this week and I waited till last night to open them. And once they were open there was no stopping me. No, I didn't finish the bag (I could have though) and it was really hard to close them up and put them in the pantry but I did it.

Aversion? Chicken and cooked vegetables. I don't mind asparagus and bell pepper still but nothing else cooked. If its soggy, don't even give it to me. I found this week to find stuff for me to eat to be hard. I was so hungry but everything I went to for lunch just sounded nasty or turned my stomach.

Pregnancy symptoms? Forgetfulness. Peeing every 30 minutes. Headaches. Muscle aches. Dreaming every night. One minute I am happy and the next I don't want you to talk to me. I haven't been emotional at all. Today was the first time I have actually cried over anything since I have been pregnant. And boy, once I started I couldn't stop.

Belly button? In.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Looking forward to? My prenatal massage I have going on tomorrow. Our 11 year anniversary gift to one another is massages so I can't wait!

Gender? Boy

Name? Mighty Mouse

Due date? August 4, 2015