Tuesday, January 3, 2017

These are a few of my favorite things

I got a some awesome Christmas gifts this year. I usually am hard to buy for because I buy myself stuff all year long so I decided that I wouldn't be a pain this year and actually have things for people to buy. 

These are a few of my favorite things I got this year. 

I have been wanting a toaster over for a long time now. But they aren't cheap (or at least the one I had my eye on wasn't) and it's just not something you go buy on a whim. So when it got closer to Christmas, I told my husband which one I wanted and he told his mom and she was able to get one on Cyber Monday for me. I have used it on Pop-Tarts all the way to a Pepperoni Pizza. I LOVE it. I just love the convenience of it. Things get crispy like an oven but it takes half the time because you don't have to warm it up first. 

For the longest time I have wanted one of these because I have heard good things about them. How they take food to a whole other level. So I told my mom I wanted one and she told my Aunt Karen who told my Uncle Steve and he was so excited to buy this for me. He got me the brand Lodge and told me this is the best brand for Cast Iron Skillets. I have yet to make anything in because we seriously have not been home at all but I know the first thing I am going to make in it. Jalapeno Cheese Cornbread! 

This product came to mind about half way through November. We visited the Dallas Farmers Market and bought a homemade fresh pressed juice from a company and it cost $9! Blew my mind on how much it cost. So Bobby and I got to thinking how we could make our own juice. So I started looking into juicers. I did so much research. I read about so many different ones. My Grammy asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her. So Bobby and I went in together on our gift and she got us this. We have used it almost everyday we have been home. It cost us $11 to get produce and it made 8 -18oz glass bottles. So that is $1.38 a piece compared to the $9! Even compared to the $3 grocery store ones you buy and those are 12-15oz jars. I plan on doing a whole juice blog where I share some of my yummy recipes so stay tuned. 

This was NOT something I asked for and was totally taken back by. The Lewis children for Christmas draw names. There are 6 of us and it can get expensive so to help with that, we draw. We have a higher spending limit since we only buy for 2 instead of 4. It all works out and I love it. Anyways, Angie had me this time and found this too good to pass up deal on this Kate Spade purse. The look I gave her when I opened it, she laughed and said "Don't look at me like that. I got it at a good price!" I don't care though cause I am in love. It's pink and black and just screams me. I carry it everywhere with me. I've never had a Kate Spade and I don't plan on cheating on her anytime soon! 

Again, something I have never own which shocks people because you would assume the girl who wore Pink Chuck Taylor's to her own wedding would own a pair of black and white ones but she doesn't! So I told my mom and dad and they did not disappoint. I love them. Plain and simple and so easy to love. 

My sister had on these shoes when we took our Adults Only Trip back in October and I talked about these shoes the whole time. I even proceeded to go into a store that had some almost like them and pay double what she did because I loved them. (They didn't have my size). So my sneaky sister got my shoe size and did some research and was able to find them for me! Now I just need spring to get here so I can wear them! 

Every year my dad gets Kara and I our own gift, just from him. It's usually something a little more expensive or something we are really wanting. I had a hard time this year. All my big ticket items had been giving to other people and I was having a hard time thinking of something. About 3 weeks before Christmas I finally came across something that I couldn't get out of my head. This Pottery Barn robe. They had a few different color choices but I chose the Ivory/Caramel Ombre with a hood. I practically live in this robe. If I am home and it's just me and the boys, it's on. 

My sister surprised me again this year with this very special necklace. It just says sisters on it (she has one too) but it means so much to me. It's beautiful, matches anything and always reminds me of Kara. I love wearing it. 

So this isn't really a Christmas gift. This was something Bobby and I had talked about getting me for a while now. And finally around Christmas, he told me to go ahead and order myself it if I wanted. I was ordering my iPhone 7 plus online already so he said to go ahead and add the watch. I went with the Series 2 in 42mm in Rose Gold face and navy band. It took me a while to get it going and to get the feel of it but everyday I am growing more attached to it. I also got Apple care with it because Lord knows I need it. 

If you are interested in any of the products above, I have linked them all. Just click on the bold name of each product and it will take you directly to where you can buy it. 

If for some reason you bought me something and it isn't on here, know I love it. These are just the things I was really holding out for or really surprised by. I am super blessed to have so many people in my life that spoil me and love me. I had an amazing Christmas this year. Thank you to everyone who bought me something or even just sent a Christmas card. I love getting Christmas cards!