Thursday, January 26, 2017


Happy Birthday to my amazing Granddaddy! Today he turns 80! 

I just love my Granddaddy. I always have felt like I was his girl. I've always had an incredible relationship with him and I thank God for that. He was always at my softball games, he was always at the football games to watch me perform at half time, he was always at church on Sunday's, walking down the isle, taking collections. He hates the spotlight and never ask for much. What I love most now that I am grown-up, is the love he has for Brody and the love Brody has for him. Brody is drawn to him. Whenever we go over there, he follows my Granddaddy around. 

Happy 80th birthday Granddaddy. I love you to no end and will always be "your girl"!