Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ring Bearer

So a lot of you have asked how Brody did as being a ring bearer. And I have been debating on to tell you the whole story or just simply answer the question. 

So I have decided to just simply answer the question and show you how adorable he looked. 

Brody did great as a ring bearer.......except for the fact that he never made it down the isle. He was 16 months old after all and has a mind of his own and without going into a massive detailed story and naming names and getting all pissed off again......he simply did not make it down the isle. And if you happened to be at the wedding and you happen to know the whole story then you understand why I chose to not explain it all haha! 

But look how adorable he was! The wedding was beautiful, Jasmine looked AMAZING (how could she not) and David was dashing in his military suit. 

This by far was the best picture of the night. I couldn't believe I captured it. Brody was on point with his cheese face and was ready for pictures. 

Brody and Bobby. 

When I saw Bobby fixing Brody.....I had this weird feeling come over me. All of a sudden Brody was a man and this was his wedding and his daddy was still fixing him, getting him ready. I seriously almost broke down in tears when I saw this. But instead I picked up my phone and started snapping, to distract the already stressed out mom that I was. 

BTW: those were NOT the shoes I had bought. But those stupid shoes and I had a huge argument and I did not try them on his feet before we left and he has fat feet like me so after 10 minutes of trying my hardest to get them on his feet, those brown boots won instead of the black loafers I bought. 

David, Brody and Bobby. Don't Bobby and David look like they could be brothers? Probably why Brody loves David so much. Well plus David is one of the best people I know and is so good with Brody. 

Our attempt at taking a photo with the ring bearer and flower girl. Charlotte made it down the isle and did an amazing job but it wore her out. I had all of 5 minutes to get ready for this wedding. I was completely worn out and I can see it on my face here. But its OK. I had such a great time because after Brody left with his grandparents for the night, Momma was able to get her wine on! 

Brody was all about the selfies after this. He kept making this cheese face and then he would bark like a dog. So I just kept snapping and below are the results. 

My boys! God I love them so much!!

This was the only photo I could find of them and her. When you are the bride, you are needed everywhere and I didn't want to get in the way. Isn't she beautiful?! 

David and Jasmine- I love you both so much. Sorry Brody didn't make it down the isle but I am so glad you asked him to be apart of the wedding. It made for such a fun ride for us. God has blessed our lives by allowing us to be friends with you, to be apart of this journey with you. Congrats and I can't wait to see where this long, loving life takes you!