Friday, January 6, 2017

Five on Friday- Christmas Edition

There were so many good photos taken over the Christmas Holiday that I narrowed it down to my top 5 favorites of Brody to share. 

one. The Lewis Clan
Every year we take a Lewis children photo in matching pj's. This year the boys were Santa, the girls were reindeer's and the babies were Elves. They couldn't get any cuter. 

two. Momma Billie
No one gets in the way of Billie Marie and her babies. She was upset that she didn't get to hold Jace or Brody and demanded a picture with them, just her and them. Brody is so use to her all in his face and this picture about sums up their relationship. 

three. Cheese face
He has mastered the smiling cheese face. And he couldn't be any cuter. Plus he was excited about his new tractor. The shirt btw is Emerald Sky. 

four. Santa
Santa came to our house this year and brought Brody this 66 inch elephant. He was so excited to get it. He sits in his lap, he reads books in his lap, he runs and tackles it. Santa did good! 

five. Chocolate pie
My sister makes the best chocolate pie and this year, Brody got a taste of it. He LOVED it. Bobby let him sit by himself like a big kid and use a real spoon and he went to town. You can tell by that smile he's one happy kid. Thanks Aunt Kiki.