Monday, January 23, 2017


10! That's how old my Frenchie turned yesterday. I can't believe he is 10! I remember the day we drove so far to get him. We drove almost to Kansas for him. About 6 and half hours one way. 

He is the most perfect dog for us. He's funny, sweet and extremely loyal. He loves food and sleeping. He's a snorer and licks his feet and those are his only bad qualities. He is Brody's best friend and really lets Brody do almost anything he wants to him. He is a snugger and likes to be warm. He hates the cold and the rain. I can tell he is getting old, which makes me sad. It's the little things. But he still has so much spunk, so much life and pray I get to keep him for so many more years!

I love you Bullet! Happy 10th birthday!