Wednesday, January 4, 2017

17 months

How old? 17 months

Weight? 31 lbs (98 percentile) 

Length? 34 inches (98 percentile) 

This month has been a whirlwind. It has come and go so fast. There hasn't been a lot of new things this month if I am being honest. 
He knows how to take something to the trash.
He had a double ear infection that messed up his speech a little but we are getting back on track. 
He was a Ring Bearer in David and Jasmine's wedding.
His 2 bottom teeth we were waiting on to come in did and the top 2 are still taking their time. 
He is very good at basketball! He loves taking the ball and dunking it in his basketball net. 
We have finally mastered milk and he loves it! 
He met Santa for the first time and wasn't too thrilled about sitting in his lap. He didn't do bad either, like screaming and crying, he just wasn't sure about the man holding him. 
He got his first hair cut and looks like a STUD! 
He got to ride in the front seat for the first time while we did Grand Prairie Lights and thought he was king of the world. 
Our biggest thing this month: He knows how to say Thank You in sign language. I melt every time he tells me Thank You. It looks like he is blowing kisses but I know what it means. 

How I love this child of mine. I tell him I love him everyday and I am trying to teach him the word Love. He has had a hard month this month with independence and wanting to be held and I know there was about 2 weeks of double ear infection so I don't hold it against him but attitude has come into full play and it's a learning process everyday. I thank God I get to be his Mom and get to spend the time with him everyday.