Tuesday, January 17, 2017

iPhone 7 pictures

Over the Christmas holiday, I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 7 plus. I had been hearing a lot of things about the camera and couldn't wait to try it out. On the iPhone 7, the feature you go to that activates both cameras is the Portrait mode. It makes the background blurry, while enhancing the object you are focusing on. I played around some with Brody a few different days and thought I would share them. It is by far my favorite new feature on the iPhone 7. 

My child has mastered the duck face so a lot of him are with that face but I was able to capture real moments of him. If you know my kid, then this is him below. None of these pictures have been altered in any way. These are the raw form. 
 Shirt is Emerald Sky

 Hoodie is Purl Lamb

If you are thinking about upgrading, do it. I did the payment plan through Apple so I get the protection plan and I have the chance for an upgrade each year, guaranteed every two years. I got the iPhone 7 Plus is Rose Gold, 128GB and I believe it is around $44 a month with taxes. That does include your carrier plan, that is just for the phone alone. Your carrier plan is separate through your wireless provider.