Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Color Run is coming

Dear Diary,

The Color Run is back! And it is better than ever. I am so excited about it this year. This year they are having a foam zone along with all the other colors. Plus they added PURPLE this year and a dream tunnel! 

If any of you are interested in coming along with us and running/walking/dancing it.....we would love to have you join our team. We don't have a team name yet or a link....I am only getting people to let me know if they want to join our team. Price starts at $24.99 for a team of 4 or more, so please....only serious people who will join the team please let me know. 

The date is March 25 and it usually at Fair Park and it usually starts at 8 (if I am remembering correctly). 

Once I have all of you who are interested (either let me know by replying below, on Facebook, text, email or private messenger) I will create the team name and send out all the info you need to sign up. 

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! It seriously is one of my favorite things to do.

Love, Me

more info can be found ~here~