Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday

one. Sunglasses
This kid of mine has started a love of sunglasses. Every night, after bath, while I am getting him in his pj's, he lays on his changing table and puts these sunglasses on, like a boss. I put lotion on him, dress him and then hand him over to his dad, all while the glasses are on. Bobby then takes them off when he turns out the light. I don't have my phone with me when I do this, so I had him model them for you during the day. Such a stud! 

I am so in love with this new Latte by Starbucks. It is delicious. Inside each coffee cherry are the seeds we call coffee beans. Cascara is the dried fruit of the cherry itself. It has subtle notes of dark brown sugar and maple. If you haven't had one yet, you should try it. I do get mine with a Splenda (I like my coffee sweeter) but you should try it by itself before you add anything to it. 

So I am a big fan of Quest but I have something I love even more when it comes to protein. They are by Optimum Nutrition and they are called Cake Bites. I kid you not when I say they taste like cake balls. Like icing meets cake meets icing. They come in 3 flavors, Birthday Cake, Red Velvet and Chocolate Dipped Cherry and seriously taste delicious. I've tried the birthday cake and red velvet and both are amazing. There is 3 cake bites to each bag and they are 230-250 calories, 4 to 5 grams of sugar, and 20 grams of protein. 

four. Our new President
Well it's official. Trump is finally our President. Good luck for the next four years. I would love for you to prove everyone wrong and be great and make America great again. BTW: the new first lady is beautiful and her outfit (Ralph Lauren) reminded me of something Jackie O would have worn. 

five. Ivanka Trump
Forget her step mom.....that girl KILLED it today. Her beautiful white Oscar de la Renta pantsuit, I couldn't stop staring at her. She by far got the looks in her family.