Monday, December 5, 2016

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 7: Sing Me A Song

SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now. 

Tonight is about a deeper look into The Sanctuary and the world of Negan and The Saviors. Also, members of Alexandria look for supplies for Negan. It is also a 90 minute episode due to it being the 90th episode of TWD.
The episode starts out with Michonne coming across the mattresses The Saviors took from 2 episodes ago, all burned. She then turns around and starts walking away, whistling. Walkers emerge and start following her. She then kills them with her sword. She then picks one up by the feet and drags it away, whistling. We then see Rick wake up with Aaron in the back of a van and says let's go as Aaron opens up the back of a van. 2 other guys are at the food truck of Negan's talking about something, not realizing Jesus and Carl are in the back. Jesus starts ruining all the food and decides to pour a bottle of syrup out of the truck so they have a trail to get out. Jesus tells him how to get out and Carl tells him to go first so he does but then Carl doesn't do it. He stays in the van that is going to Negan. They make a stop and you hear Negan talking. One guy comes in the truck and Carl starts shooting, killing him. He emerges from the van and says he wants Negan, and no one has to die. Negan then comes to talk to him and says that Carl scares him and he starts shooting, missing Negan. Dwight takes Carl out and before he can shoot him, Negan steps in and says that is no way to treat our guest, wants to show Carl around and then offers Carl a hand to get up. The camera pulls away and you see a view of all The Sanctuary and all the walkers who are guarding it. * Negan offers Carl a hand and offers to show him around, saying Carl favors his dad. We see Daryl watching and then Carl finally takes Negans hand. Negan tells Dwight to take Daryl to the kitchen to get food and he does. Carl ask Negan what he is going to do and Negan says 1) don't act scared now, your a bad ass, 2) I am not going to ruin the surprise. They walk in and we see everyone go to one knee. Negan talks to them about the load that came in. Rosita and Eugene are talking in Alexandria and Spencer comes up and accuses Rosita of not helping out and ask where she is going with Eugene. Spencer says he can do better than Rick and Rosita bashes him. She grabs Eugene and leaves. Negan takes Carl to a room full of women and pulls Sherry aside, who was consoling Amber, and turns to Carl telling him to make himself comfy. Negan and Sherry start talking and he wants to know what happened. She says none of your business and Negan proceeds to tell her what he thinks happens. She says he needs to go easy on Amber, that she messed up and he ask her if he has ever hit one of them and she says no, but she knows him and there's worse. He sits with Amber and tells her that he doesn't want anyone here that doesn't want to be here and she can leave tomorrow if that's what she wants. Then he ask her what she can't do and she says cheat on him and he says correct. He tells her that other ladies would love to take her place. She says she wants to say and she is sorry. She says she loves Negan and he tells her that there will still be a consequence to what she did. Carl watches the whole thing. He goes back to Sherry and ask her to do something and then kisses her. Dwight and Daryl come in as they are kissing and Daryl is holding cheese and olives. Negan tells Carl to take the food from Daryl and Daryl ask Negan why Carl is there and Negan says not your business and threatens to stick a toothpick in Carl's good eye. Rick and Aaron start searching a restricted area. * Spencer and Gabriel are driving, talking about Rick. Gabriel is defending Rick and Spencer is bashing him. Spencer says there is no future with Rick and the best thing for them is that Rick doesn't make it back. They stop and Gabriel gets out to go back, not before telling Spencer that it doesn't make him a sinner to not like Rick, but it does make him a shit. Spencer then takes off into the woods and sees a walker in a tree. Negan takes Carl to his room and Carl ask him if all those women are his wives. He says yes, why just have one women. Negan tells Carl to sit and that he wants to get to know him. Negan says Carl is smart, not like other kids his age. He ask Carl to take the crap off his face and Carl says no. Negan yells at him that he killed two of his men and to take it off. Carl proceeds and we see what use to be Carl's eye, just now a dark black socket. Negan says that is disgusting and that it is gross as hell. Negan wants to touch it and Carl starts crying. Negan then apologizes and Carl says to forget about it. Then one of Negan's men comes in and tells him he forgot Lucille at the car. He messes with the guy and then tells him to get the hell out. He tells Carl that this is the stuff his dad should be teaching him. He wants to know what Carl does for fun. Carl doesn't answer. He wants Carl to sing him a song. He puts Lucille to his face and tells him to start singing. He sings "You Are My Sunshine" to him, while Negan swings the bat around the room. He wants to know if his mom sang that to him and where she is. Carl tells him she died and when he ask how, he tells him he killed her. Negan tells him to get up, that the iron should be ready. * Dwight is standing next to a furnace when Negan and Carl come in. He hands Carl Lucille. We see the guy Amber cheated on Negan with, Mark, tied to a chair. Negan tells his people that this is going to be hard to watch and that rules make it all work. That they must follow the rules to survive. That if people break the rules, it is the iron for them. Negan goes to the guy and puts gloves on, takes the hot iron and puts it to the guys face. The guy screams in pain while everyone watches. Negan pulls the iron off after the guy passes out. He tells Daryl to clean up the pee that the guy did and then tells his crew that he never wants to do that again so follow the rules. He grabs Carl and walks out. * Spencer is trying to get the walkers crossbow down and manages to pull it and the walker down. Rosita and Eugene come to the facility where Abraham and Eugene use to make bullets at. Eugene said he never wanted to come back to this place and Rosita says that he promised her he would make her a bullet. Rosita bashes him and tells him to do something useful and make her a bullet. * Sherry is standing in a hall way smoking when Dwight comes to her. They talk about what happened to Mark and then talk about the deal they made with Negan was their deal together. She then leaves. Negan and Carl are in Negan's room and Carl ask him if he can tie up his face and Negan says no. Carl argues and Negan laughs. Carl wants to know why he hasn't killed him, his dad or Daryl. He says Daryl will make a good soldier one day. His dad is already getting him stuff. And Carl seems easy to break. He wants Carl to tell him what he should do. Then Carl stands up and tells Negan he won't do anything to him. That if Negan was smart, he would kill him, his dad and Daryl and to just do them all a favor and jump out the window. He then tells Carl he wants to go for ride. We see Jesus on top of the van as it pans down to Carl driving. He pulls up next to Daryl and Negan tells Daryl he is taking Carl home. Daryl starts to tell Negan that if anything happens to him and Negan interrupts and says nothing will. He then tells Dwight that Daryl needs a time out and as the van drives away, Jesus is not on top anymore. * Daryl is in the cell when he hears a noise and looks down to a see a piece of paper come through the door. It says go now and he turns it over and it has a match and a key. A truck pulls up to a bunch of dead bodies and red headed women gets out. As she is looking on, we see Michonne's sword go against her head. She tells the women to take her to Negan. The women tries to fight Michonne but Michonne gets the upper hand and tells her again to take her to Negan. We see Negan tap on a door and Olivia opens it. Negan and Carl come in and he ask her where Rick is. She says he is out searching for supplies and he wouldn't be back for a while. He says he will wait. Olivia tells him they are starving and he laughs at her. She then cries and he apologizes to her for making fun. He tells her it would be fun to screw her and she slaps him. He tells her he is about 50% more interested in her now and to make him some lemonade. He tells Carl to give him a grand tour. They come to the room where Judith is in and Negan goes and picks her up. * Rick and Aaron are out searching and come across another sign warning them to go back. It also says they have food and ammo and if the trespassers hadn't been shot by now, it's because they are dead. They come to a pond filled with walkers and realize that is how the peoples things are being protected. Rosita is admiring the bullet Eugene made for her and turns around and tells him thank you. She then apologizes to him and he says don't. Then they leave to go back to Alexandria. When they come back, Spencer pulls up with supplies. The walker that fell from the tree had a supply list written in Latin and Spencer can read Latin, hence how he has all these supplies. They whistle to be let back in and one of Negan's guys opens the gate. Negan, Carl and Judith are outside on the porch, drinking lemonade. Judith is in Negan's lap and starts talking to her about how maybe he will kill Rick and Carl and just live a life with her and then kisses her. 

Main points of this week show: 

  • We finally get to see Carl's eye hole for the first time. #gross
  • I love the song Carl picked to sing to Negan. I kinda laughed at it since the song is about being someones sunshine, yet Negan is nothing like that.  
  • I really think Negan likes Carl. He respects him. Negan has a twisted way and so does Carl. Carl doesn't mind killing people and Negan respects that. 
  • The iron scene was super gross. I was praying they weren't going to show it and for a second they didn't but then it came back to them and he pulled it off and I looked away. 
  • I have this weird feeling Negan might keep Judith or Carl. To torture Rick. I don't see him killing Judith, I don't believe the show would go there but I do see him taking her as his own and living with him and his wives. 
  • Who passed Daryl the note? That is a big mystery. Could be Jesus, he is crafty and clever. Could be Sherry, trying to help again. Or it could even be Dwight, given he just had to witness something himself has gone through and maybe realizes Daryl isn't a bad guy. 
  • You really get a sense of how big The Sanctuary is, especially when they pull back the camera and you actually see the whole area of it. Only makes sense since Negan owns the whole world now. 
  • What is Rick gonna do when he finds out what Carl has been up to? And to see the most evilest man holding your baby girl....oh man that would make me loose my shit! I guess we will see next week! 
  • This is the first episode that hasn't opened with a character waking up, which indicates that everyone finally understands whats going on. 
  • Did anyone else catch what Michonne was whistling? "Farmer in the Dell" 
  • I really hope they do a back story on Negan. I want to know where he comes from and what drove him to be this. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan needs to be nominated for an Emmy! 
  • Did anyone else watch the trailer for "The Mummy" starring Tom Cruise? Man that looks good! 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas, on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

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