Friday, December 16, 2016

Five on Friday

one. Double Ear Infection
That is what we have been dealing with all week except we didn't know that was it till I took him to the doctor yesterday. He was off starting on Monday and it slowly got worse. Tuesday he took an hour nap, Wednesday he took close to a 2 hour nap and yesterday was an hour and 1/2 and he's a 3 hour napper! And I could tell he was uncomfortable. Luckily they were able to get him in and today's he so much better. Thank you Amoxicillin. 

two. Coffee Nut M&M's
I bought these on a whim at Target this week and lord help me. They are the BEST M&M's I have ever had. I didn't tell Bobby the flavor and when he went to try one, his eyes lite up and said "Coffee?" and I said yes and he agrees that they are delicious! They are on the Cartwheel app to so you can get them for discount in case you aren't sure. 

three. Christmas Tree
Last Friday night, Brody and I went to the Little Gym to play around and when we got home, my Christmas Tree was on the floor. Bobby tried to fix it when he came home but it was destroyed. The lights had gone out weeks before that and we had gotten new lights to wrap around and said next year we would get a new one. We didn't plan on it this year but as fate would have it, we had to. Target Cartwheel app had 30% off Christmas Trees one day only and it was last Saturday! What are the odds? Plus an addition 30% off in stores only. So we went looking. It was either 6 and 1/2 foot trees or 4 foot trees. Then hiding in the back was this slim-fit 10 and 1/2 foot tree. I knew it would fit but Bobby was a little hesitant. I am so glad I talked him into it. We got this $534.00 tree for around $290 with tax. After it was all put up I just kept staring at it. It's the prettiest tree I have ever seen. I am so in love. I also got ornaments for all the kiddos in my life so those are the only things on there this year. 

four. Gingerbread Sugar Cookies
Another Target find. I love gingerbread! But I am not a fan of the hard cookies you find at the stores. Bobby bought these for Brody and I Sunday night not knowing if we would like them or not. They are that soft butter/sugar cookie on bottom and gingerbread frosting with sprinkles on top. I am in heaven. And they are small so I don't feel guilty eating them. They too are on the Cartwheel app for 5% off. 

five. Santa
This year was Brody's first time to meet Santa. We didn't do it last year cause I just didn't see a point in doing it but this year I had planned on it. After we joined the Little Gym, we found out that they were going to have a Santa there that Sunday from 4-5 for his age. It was perfect. I didn't have to fight mall crowds and it was in a smaller atmosphere with people he knew. He did way better than I thought. Didn't cry, just whined. It was great.