Friday, December 2, 2016

Five on Friday

one. Fabletics
2 weeks ago, I submitted a picture on Instagram, representing some of my CrossFit girls and all of us had on our Fabletics wear. I feel like I have started a trend at my gym with Fabletics and I love when someone comes in and runs up to me and shows me the newest thing they bought, or have on. Anyways......Fabletics was running a Fabletics Squad Contest and I entered it. I never win anything but guess what.....I did! Not only did I win, but I won outfits for my whole squad and $500 to go to my class for tuition! I am still on cloud nine. Thank you to Kristen, Betsy, Fanny and Rebecca for being part of my #FableticsSquad and to Meg who took the picture. Because if I don't mention you, you will make me do 100 burpees! 

two. Best Friends
Every morning these two have breakfast together. It is my favorite thing in the morning. They eat their food together, they sometimes share with each other. I usually wait to eat. I am a wake up, don't talk to me till I've had my cup of coffee, take my morning pills and then I eat, like 45 minutes later. My boys on the other hand, wake up like they have had 5 cups of coffee and want to eat. So that is why they eat together. And I love it. 

Since I have been having the hardest time getting Brody to drink milk (it is still a struggle), a mom friend of mine (Thank you Amber) gives her girls Danimals Smoothies and they love them. So I tried it. It's a dairy yogurt shake for kids. He loves them. So I know when we are having a milk struggling day, I can hand him one of these and he is getting some dairy intake. 

four. My new look
My go to look this winter is going to be high rise skinny jeans, over-sized sweaters and booties. First off, high rise/waist jeans are my new favorite thing. I have like 4 pairs of them and can't get enough. They hold everything in and you see no crack or underwear when you bend over. And trust me, no one wants to see that on anyone! Second off, talk about comfort and fashion all mixed into one. You can find so many affordable over-sized sweaters (H&M and Target for instance). Even try the men's section. Men's shirts in general are softer and longer and work perfect for those skinny jeans. And booties...I live in these. I go shopping in these, I go to the store in these, I probably could do CrossFit in these but I don't. And if you want to make the outfit sexier, strap on some heels. 

five. 23 days
That's how many days you have left before it's Christmas. Bobby and I have done good this year. We booked my mom (like it was hard) that Monday, the week of Thanksgiving, and went out shopping for everyone we could think of a gift for or told us what they wanted. As of today, we only have like 3-5 people left. Bobby and I don't buy gifts for each other (cue the eye roll) because we buy what we want all year and we HONESTLY would rather spend the money on family. We share a bank account so it just doesn't make sense to either of us to buy each other anything. We would rather spend the extra money on ones that we love and now that we have Brody, it just feels right to us. We did agree that when Brody is old enough (maybe next year), that we each will take him shopping and have him buy the parent he's not with something for Christmas. Make it special for him.