Tuesday, December 6, 2016

16 months

How old? 16 months

Weight? 30.2 pounds (98 percentile)

Length? 33 inches (97 percentile) 

This child of mine! He is smart, funny and super easy to love on. He loves to cuddle and he will come up to me randomly and hug me. He knows what he wants and will make noises till one of us comes to help. I am trying to teach him the word help but it's not working just yet. He did come to me one day and say something that sounded like "apple" (it was more like "apool") and when I asked him if that's what he wanted, he shook his head yes and ran to the fridge. He is very much a routine child. His nap time is the same routine (warm milk on the couch with The Chica Show, then books, then bed) and the same goes for nighttime (warm milk, Chica, warm bath, books bed). And we do it in that order every night. I've tried not bathing him (especially if its been a long night and we have been somewhere) and he refuses to go to bed! So I have learned to just do everything in the order he likes.  
He is still a really good eater. He would rather eat celery and hummus than chocolate cake! It is very true. He loves all fruit, all cheeses and anything freeze dried. He isn't into meat much unless it's fresh (don't bother with leftovers). And by fresh I mean just cooked (not raw meat). Milk is still an issue but I think he is getting the hang of it. We stopped the bottle at 15 months so it's been a struggle to get him to drink it from a sippy cup. 
Last month we were having a hard time at bath. This month he is back to loving them. And loving them with a passion. He loves to bathe first, play with his washable crayons and then he will turn the faucet on and splash water everywhere. He would do this for hours if I let him. 
The 4 teeth that were coming in last month, are still coming in. Well kind of. They have broken through the seal and one is about half way in. The other 3 are just sitting there. But I think the painful part is done with. He hasn't been near as cranky and hasn't had near the nasty diapers he was having. 

His smile is my favorite. I sometimes just stare at him and ask myself what I did to deserve him. He is simply the best for me and I pray for him daily. I pray he is kind, smart, sweet and loving. I pray for him to stick up from himself, to stick up for others and to always remember God's love. And to always know I love him!