Thursday, December 8, 2016

Finding things to do

Dear Diary, 

When I first became a stay at home mom, I had a hard time keeping Brody entertained. He was getting bored so fast but he was still to young to do much. I thought about a mother's day out program but they had all been filled and there was wait list (like 9 kiddos ahead of us). So it was back to the drawing board. My mom told me about how libraries sometimes do children's programs and to look at the Mansfield library website to see. So I did and sure enough, Friday's at 10:30am was a program for his age. That was about a month and a half ago and needless to say, we keep going back. It is so much fun. What I love about this program is, they have story, sing time from 10:30-10:50 and then right after, they have play time from 11-1pm. They bring out all these toys and a kitchen and riding things and the kids go crazy. So he is able to interact with other kids but in the care of my eyes. He's learning, he's growing. He knows where the toys are so he runs there as soon as we get in... 
(cue my eye roll)

I am so glad I found something for us to go do, that doesn't cost. I keep looking for more things (besides our weekly Target run) and now that it's cold, the park doesn't come in handy much. We tried a place called The Little Gym Tuesday night it was wonderful and we joined but it cost. I will blog about that later. 
If anyone knows of anything we can go do that is free or super cheap, please let me know. He loves walking/running around and being free so any place that allows that would be awesome! 

Love, Me