Thursday, December 15, 2016


Dear Diary,

I can't believe Christmas is in 10 days! Where has this year gone? I think this has been the fastest year of my life. I feels like yesterday my mom just started with me keeping Brody at 5 months old and now he's 16 months! I think watching your kid age as an effect on you with time. It's like their little lives happen so fast and I am trying everyday to keep up. For some reason this time of year brings out the thankful side of me. I do my best to thank God everyday for the life He has given me but sometimes I forget. Sometimes I am really selfish and forget that all of it is because of Him. 

So I would like to take this time to thank God for my life. To thank Him for another year of being blessed. To give all glory to Him and remember that He is the reason for the season, not presents, not money. But love, family, friends, laughter, joy, being with each other, making others smile, giving. 

I am not trying to preach or anything, but I would like to challenge you, right now, to say a prayer of thanks to God. Thank Him for whatever you would like. And after you do, comment on this link on Facebook or below and tell me something God has blessed you with. Rather it's the love of a spouse, or a giant hug each morning from your kiddo, or the job you have been praying for you suddenly got. Whatever makes you feel blessed, I want to know! 

God has blessed me the most with these two. A hard working, loving, Godly man who puts Brody and I before himself and a child I could have never imagined being mine. He is just so perfectly made for me. They both are actually!

And challenge yourself each day to thank God and never forget what His love stands for! 

Love, Me