Thursday, December 22, 2016

Daddy Daughter Granddaughter

Dear Diary, 

20 years. 
That marks how long we have done this. I was 11 when my dad started this tradition. He would take us to dinner and then we would go shopping for our mom from him. It was so much fun. He would get us a treat at the mall or when we got older, a coffee! I just cherish my time with them. Mom goes to eat with us and then disappears while we shop. We make it a lot of fun. We laugh the whole time. I am opinionated and stay on my phone the whole time while Kara picks the stuff out because let's be honest, Kara is way better picker outer than me. She will hold it up and I will say yes or no because she knows I will have an opinion either way. Her and my husband are seriously the best shoppers for other people. 

Thank you Dad for starting something with your girls all those years ago and making sure we do it every year. Mom always wants roughly the same stuff but it doesn't matter. It's our time with you and we just laugh at you the whole time but you don't care cause you are with your girls. I just love you Pop...more and more each day! 

Love, Me