Thursday, December 29, 2016

My husband

Happy 30th Birthday to my main man! 

Where do I begin? I swear he is the best husband on the planet. I really wish you all could for just one day experience what it's like to be his wife. He is kind and good. He always does right by me and Brody. He always puts us first. He apologizes when he has to work late. He apologizes when I have to do bath and bed time by myself for Brody. He loves with every cell in his body. He has a love of fitness and is an inspiration to me beyond what he knows. He works super hard to give Brody and I a fantastic life. He never complained when I told him I thought I might continue being a stay at home mom. In fact, he actually encouraged it. He is the best dad to Brody. Anyone who witnesses him being a dad can't help but compliment. Them together is my favorite view. 

I love you baby. Happy happy birthday and welcome to your 30's. Your hot, sexy and you make 30 look oh so good!