Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I use to have really thick hair. But the older I got, the thinner it got. Then I found out I have Hashimoto's disease and that is the reason for the thin hair. Then I got pregnant and my hair was better because of the hormones and vitamins. Then after Brody, it got terribly worse! Like just awful. It constently fell out and in the shower it would come out in clumps. I have an amazing hairdresser and she gave me pills and a shampoo to help. And they helped some, but my hair was still lacking something. 

Insert Fave4. 

I follow Jessie James Decker on Instagram and she kept raving about this product and how her hair has never felt or been better. So I thought what the hell. Can't hurt me and if it doesn't work then oh well. I'll keep looking! 

I was incredibly surprised. I tend to not go based off celebrities since they get paid but my girl Jessie did not lie. Within a week my hair was healthier, stronger and thicker! I even wash Brody's hair with it a couple times a week and his hair is always a thousand times better after I do. My hair is soft and growing and it doesn't fall out as much. I LOVE this stuff. 

They have: 
  • 2 different shampoos- Beyond Big and Hydra Help= Big helps give your hair volume and Hydra helps to moisturize and hydrate.
  • 2 different conditioners- Let's Go Light and Repair It Right= Light is lightweight conditioner and Repair helps restore and strengthen. 
  • A conditioning mist called Dearly Detangled. 
  • A dry shampoo called Dirty to Flirty.
  • 4 different leave in products- Smooth For Sure, Twice As Thick, Up For Air & Curls And Kisses= Smooth is a blowout cream, Thick is for thickening, Air is for air dry and Curls is a curling cream.
  • A root lifting spray called Vertical Volume.
  • A men's styling cream called Matte Made.
  • 4 different hairsprays- Style Stay (Firm), Flex Reflect (Lightweight), Workable Wear (Shaping) and Texture Takeover (Oomph enhancing).
  • They also sell brushes, makeup clutch's and a tote bag. 
  • Then Jessie has her own hair perfume- 3 different ones- Sweet Magnolia, Honey Dew & Jessie- she also sells her own curling iron.

I seriously would not tell you about this product if I personally did not love it. I never promote things I don't like or don't use. With that said, I have used all the shampoos and conditioners and for my hair, Beyond Big shampoo and Repair It Right conditioner works best. I have also used Light As Air and Twice As Thick styling cream and I prefer the Thick one. But I put the Light as Air in Brody's hair and it's awesome! Their Texture Takeover hairspray is their best product. They sell big and little size bottles and I always go big. 

Me before product: (if you look close in my drawer you can see the styling creams) 

And me after product and styling: 

My hair holds for days. I just love how healthy it is without having to spend a fortune. For now, you can only by online but they are really good about shipping and getting the product to you fast. If you are having problems with your hair, or just want an awesome product that is safe and good for you, go with Fave4! I promise you won't be disappointed!