Monday, November 28, 2016

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 6: Swear

SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not watched or don't want to know what has happened, STOP reading now.

Tonight we pick up with Tara and Heath and the mysterious new crew they met up with.
The episode starts out with two new girls on a beach killing walkers. They come across Tara washed up on the shore. They attempt to kill her but the older girl stops her from doing it. The little one says they are supposed to kill and walks away. The older girl drags Tara off. * Heath is in a trailer talking to Tara (obviously an earlier scene) about food and ammo and how it's been 2 weeks since they left for things. They are talking about how they had to kill people for things and how no one is in this together. Tara picks up a gun and notices an engraving of a baseball bat. Back at the beach scene with Tara passed out and the older girl holding a gun to her. The older girl then leaves food and water by her head. She also leaves her a weapon. As she walks away, Tara wakes up and takes a bottle of water and hides. It seems Tara was faking it. She looks over to see the older girl crying. Tara picks up the food left and before she can eat it, sees the older girl walking away. Tara decides to follow her. She follows her through the jungle for awhile and comes upon a community. She sneaks around the community to see what it is. She sees women talking, kids playing, people on post watching, people gardening and happy. Then you hear a clicking sound and everyone runs to get guns. Then they start shooting at Tara as she runs away. A lady tries to kill her but she takes her out and her gun. When you think she's made it out, the little girl from the beginning (named Rachel) stops her. The older girl (named Cyndie) stops Rachel from shooting Tara as other people join. Tara tries to reason with them when an older lady walks up. Tara tries to talk to her but she doesn't say anything. *Tara and Heath make it to a place on the water that looks lived in. They search the place and come across a mound full of sand. Tara tries to pull a duffel bag out of the sand and the whole thing comes crashing down. Walkers emerge and corner Tara on the pier. Heath runs off as walkers chase him. Back at the scene with Tara and the girls, we find Tara in a house, handcuffed to a air conditioner. Natania introduces herself as well as well Kathy and Beatrice. Natania explains that the bells Tara hears is to drive away the walkers. They want to know what Tara is doing here. She explains how her and Heath were on the barge when she went over and made her way inland. She says Cyndie gave her food and she pretended to be passed out and followed her there. Natania explains how she should be dead but because she didn't kill Beatrice when she could, she saved her and now doesn't know what to do with her. They leave Tara so they can discuss what to do. Beatrice comes back for Tara at night and takes her to another place. They uncuff her and offer her dinner. Natania introduces Cyndie and Tara officially and Tara thanks her. Cyndie tells her she is trying to teach Rachel there is a better way then killing people. Natania wants to talk and they all sit down to dinner. * Tara is eating and they all are staring at her. Natania says she is trying to convince her to stay. They need someone like Tara. Natania even offers finding her friend and that he could stay there too. Tara is confused by that because there are no men. They fall silent. Natania explains that they got into a scuffle with another group and none of them made it. Then the women found this place, kept hidden and stayed alive. They want the truth from Tara on where she is from. Then Tara explains about where she is from and everything they had done. Tara wants to join forces together but Natania suggest one person go and see how it goes and Beatrice volunteers. * Natania wishes the girls bye (Kathy goes too) and they leave. Tara walks by Rachel and Rachel spits at her. Tara gives her the middle finger and smiles. The girls come across a walker and Tara says she has it. Right before she kills it, she runs away. The girls chase her and Tara loses them. She then comes across Beatrice and they fight. Beatrice gets the upper hand and explains to Tara about the Saviors she "thinks" they took out (Beatrice obviously knows about Negan) and tells her how they killed all of their men over ten years of age. She says Tara can't leave and right before she shoots her, Cyndie jumps in front and tells Tara to run. Cyndie catches up to Tara and makes her swear she won't tell anyone about them. Cyndie gives Tara her backpack and tells her she will take her to the bridge. * They get there and Cyndie tells her she will help get across since there are walkers. Tara wants to know why she isn't like the rest of them and Cyndie ask her "why aren't you?". They both help each other make it half way and Cyndie lays on top of a car so she can shoot as Tara walks across. Then Tara has a memory of Heath saving her life and when she comes to, she kills walkers in her way to search for him. She thinks she sees him as a walker but it turns out to be a lady. She then hides behind a pod and sees Cyndie being taken away by Beatrice and Kathy and sneaks off. She find Heath's glasses and sees tire tracks. She also finds a key-card with a letters PPP on them. *Tara walks through a field and comes across a boat and searches it. She comes across an old gas station and searches it. She ends up staying the night there. The next morning she makes her way back to Alexandria where she is greeted by Eugene. Tara finally figures out what has happened. Rosita wants to know if she found any place and Tara lies to her. 

Main points of this week show: 

  • The new community is called Oceanside. 
  • Poor Tara had to figure out about Abraham, Glenn and her girlfriend who have died and how. 
  • Where is Heath? and is it just me or is Tara kind of a comic relief? 
  • The women of the new community have figured out how to keep themselves safe. By the clicking when someone comes into their community instead of yelling. They keep bells far enough away to keep zombies distracted. They kill on sight (besides Tara). 
  • I wonder how often we will see these women of Oceanside. I don't think they would introduce a whole new community and make us like some of them to not bring some of them back. 
  • Even if Tara had known what had happened early on, I still think she would have gone back. Her family is with Rick and all of them. 
  • It doesn't shock me that Tara doesn't tell Rosita about Oceanside. After learning about what happened to Glenn and Abraham, I think she sees no value in telling them. She made a promise and I don't see her breaking it. If for some reason they meet back up, I don't see it being because she told. 
  • What does the PPP stand for on the key-card Tara found? I can't wait to find this one out. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas, on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

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