Monday, November 14, 2016

The Walking Dead Monday

90 minutes! That's how long last night's episode was. Let's get to it.

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 4: Service

SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not watched or don't want to know what has happened, STOP reading now.

Last week was all about Daryl. This week is all about Alexandria. The episode starts out with Rick and Michonne in bed together. Michonne wakes and goes downstairs and takes out a rifle from the fireplace. She collects it and leaves as Rick comes downstairs. Michonne then walks through a field to an abandoned truck and waits. Rick goes into his daughters room and greets her. Eugene is off in lala land when Rosita and Spencer drive up to the gate and want to leave. They argue with Eugene when they hear cars pull up from outside. Then we hear a whistle and see Negan's shadow and he says "Little pig little pig, let me in". Spencer opens the gate for him. Rick then shows up and Negan says to not make him have to ask to be let in. Negan is early. Then a walker comes up and Negan bashes it with Lucille. Rick then looks over and sees Daryl and they stare at each other for a second. They both look like they are about to cry when Negan starts talking about how killing that walker was a service to them all and proceeds to go in, not before handing Rick Lucille to hold on to. * Negan starts complimenting the place, saying how they will have plenty to offer up. Rick tries to talk to Daryl but Negan says nope, they can't speak to one another. Negan tells Rick that he decides what he takes and his people start searching the houses to see. Dwight then ask Rosita where they were headed off to and before they can say, he says he doesn't care and starts searching the car, taking her things. He then ask her to go get Daryl's bike. She says it isn't here and he says well then go get it then. They leave. We see Michonne on top of the truck, looking through the scope of the rifle, shooting at a walker. She misses every shot. She then hops down and uses her sword to cut its head. She then wonders off and finds a dead deer from one of the bullets she was using. * Negan's people are taking things while Negan, Daryl and Rick walk through Alexandria. Negan is then given the video tape of Rick when he first visit Alexandria, all scruffy. Negan then wants to know what happened to "the sick girl" and before Rick can say something, the preacher walks up and introduces himself. Then Negan turns to Rick and ask if she's gone and Rick doesn't disagree. Then they take Negan to a grave. Negan is talking and then we hear a gunshot and we see Carl inside a house with a gun against Negan's men. Rick and Negan then come in and Carl tells him to leave. Negan talks Carl down and then tells Rick he is taking all his guns. * Rick then takes Negan and his crew to the place where all the guns are. Negan and Rick are alone and Negan tells him that he isn't taking any food because if they die, he gets nothing from them. Negan ask Rick if all the guns are in there and Rick says to the best of his knowledge. Rosita and Spencer find Daryl's bike and Spencer tells her this is their lives now, this is where Rick got them. Spencer then turns to look for Rosita who takes off after something. Negan stops Daryl to check a gun to make sure they work. One of Negan's girls says they are 2 short with the guns and ask where they are. Negan says he doesn't enjoy killing women and says Olivia is the blame for it, since she is in charge of inventory. * Rick then talks to his people in the church about the missing guns. He wants a glock 9 and a .22 and wants to know where they are. He tells them if they don't find them, they will kill Olivia. One guy ask Rick why they care. Rick explains that they weren't there to witness Abraham and Glenn's death, that we give them what they want and we live in peace. One guy stands up and ask if they find the guns, how do they get out. Rick says they don't, that he isn't in charge anymore, that Negan is and where are the guns. Eugene points out that not everyone is there. We see Rosita in the woods following walkers and fights a few off. She finds a gun on one of the walkers and Spencer walks up. She ask him if he is going to tattle. * Rick is looking out the window at Negan and Olivia and then starts searching Spencer's home. Gabriel walks up to him and tells him that he found nothing. He also says he has a feeling that they can beat this and how he has faith in Rick. No one has seemed to find the guns when Rick comes across a loose floor board. He opens it and finds the guns. Rick takes the guns to Negan and Negan ask which one was it. Rick says it doesn't matter and Negan says that it does. * Some of the trucks drive off, when Spencer and Rosita come back through. Rick sees Michonne and ask Negan if he can have a second. Negan says no and Rick says please. Negan then allows him and he runs off. He ask Michonne for the gun and she says no. He begs her, saying he will not lose anyone else. Rick gives Negan the gun and Negan loves it. Rick ask him if Daryl can stay. Negan says no but maybe Daryl can persuade him. Daryl says nothing. Negan says he will come back soon and they better have something interesting for him. Or if not, someone is going to die. Dwight tells Spencer he will take the bike. He then pulls up to Daryl and tells him he can have it back, if he just says the word and Daryl again, says nothing. Negan then looks at Rick and says, "Well no one died". And then he ask Rick what the two magical words to get him to leave are and Rick says "Thank You". Another walker walks up and Negan kills it again. Negan then takes Lucille from Rick and leaves. * Rick is closing the gate and walks away to Spencer. Rick tells him about the guns and how they were going to kill Olivia. Spencer is pissed Rick went into his home and says he should have made a deal when they could and brings up Abraham and Glenn. Rick says if you ever say anything like that to me again, I will break your jaw. Rosita is pissed the Spencer had guns and didn't tell her. Rick is folding out a blanket on the floor with Michonne looking on and explains how they took their mattress. He ask her if there are more guns hidden and she says no. She says they could join forces with Hilltop but Rick says Negan has the numbers. He then tells her about the story of Shane and how his daughter is Shane's but he loves her like his own to keep her safe. He says they need to accept what is going on or it wont work and people will die. She then helps him make the bed and says she will try. She then goes back to where the truck is and sees birds circling ahead with smoke. She walks to where they are and sees all the mattresses had been burned. Rosita goes to Eugene and brings him a bullet she found and ask her to make her more bullets, knowing he has a device that can. 

Main points of this weeks show:

  • Rick confesses he actually knew Shane was Judith's dad! There was always this maybe/maybe not in the air but he confirms what we all thought might be true. There was only one other time it was brought up a long time but Rick dodged it and said 'what is done, is done and let's move on'.  
  • How messed up was it that Rick had to carry Lucille the whole time Negan was in town? Ugh! 
  • I think the town of Alexandria didn't quite understand who Negan was based on the people who had met him. Now they do. 
  • Making 2 fake graves for Maggie and Sasha was genius since they didn't come back with them. If Negan found out that those girls left the group, he would go on a killing spree to find them. 
  • This episode takes place 3 days after the killings of Abraham and Glenn. 
  • Negan has the best lines! I laugh almost every time he gets excited or says those one liners. You really love to hate him. I told Bobby I wish he wasn't so good looking, it would make it so much easier to just hate the crap out of him.
  • Watching the scene where Rick sees Daryl for the first time about broke my heart. And then he ask if Daryl can stay and it doesn't happen. 
  • The bullet Rosita brings Eugene is from the gun that Negan shot in the middle of the episode. Since the gun she found in the woods had no bullets, and since Negan took all the bullets, it's all she has to give Eugene. 
  • What would have happened if Rick had used Lucille on Negan? I wonder if his people would be like Thank You instead of killing them all. No one likes Negan. They are scared of him. I keep thinking about this in the back of my mind. But then Jeffrey Dean Morgan wouldn't be Negan and then there goes the rest of the season and I have a feeling they are just getting started with this story. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

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