Friday, November 4, 2016

15 months

How old? 15 months

Weight? 28.5 pounds (98 percentile)

Length? 33 inches (98 percentile)

What a month! This kid of mine is so smart. He is starting to tell me things that happen. Like when he hits his head or hurts something, he will reenact it for me so I can see. It always cracks me up and I laugh and it always makes him laugh. 
He is starting to play by himself more. I will notice he will go into his play room and pull out toys to play with. For a while there he wouldn't go into a different room other than the room I was in. But this month, he will. I have found him multiple occasions sitting on the floor, learning how something works. He is so incredibly smart, it blows my mind how quickly he picks things up. I will show him once or twice on something and he's got it. 
This month our bath time has taken a complete 180. He HATES bath time. Like stands in the tub screaming while we bathe him. I polled a lot of moms last night because I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one who had gone through this and the overwhelming responses I got was incredible (thank you to those who responded. It meant a great deal to me). He gets one every night so he will learn to love them again I am sure. 
We have 4 new teeth coming in, so you can imagine his behavior lately. Lots of teething tablets, Motrin and cool fruit we have been eating. Speaking of eating, this kid has mastered the art of eating an apple and it is by far my favorite thing to watch. He makes apples sound amazing! He went to the fair for the first time and tried all the food we got. He really is a good eater. He also had his first taste of Halloween candy. He loves Smarties. He really isn't into chocolate but hoping I can change him over to the dark side later! 

I just love him so much. He amazes me everyday and everyday I thank God for him. He has no idea how blessed he has made me and he has no idea the amount of love I have for him. I pray he will always know my love, no matter what.