Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Fun

Over the weekend we met up with the Lewis side of the family and some friends and went to a really fun fall festival at a church in Waxahachie. There wasn't much for Brody to do since he is still small but he was able to ride the train and ride on a pony! The big kids really got to enjoy all the rides. It was like a mini fair. My little lion cub was the cutest thing out there! I know I'm biased but I have the cutest kiddos in my life. All of the children I am surrounded by are by far the best looking kiddos in the world.  

Train ride! 

 Billie Marie and her "Uncle" Dani. Long story short, on vacation this year she started calling me Uncle Dani and it made us all laugh so she contiunes to do it. I just love this girl and when she asked to ride in the train with her "Uncle Dani" how could I say no. Just look at that face! 

 They had a sand volleyball court that Brody loved playing in!

My men!

Pony ride

The big kids had so much fun on the rides!

Funny story and an example of how these boys are best friends. Kent went to Kristen and told her he wanted to be Luigi from Super Mario. He begged Kristen to tell Angie so Angie could get Colton, Mario. Well Kristen forgot and didn't tell her. Come to find out, Colton told Angie he wanted to be Mario without either one of them knowing Kent was Luigi and here they are! Best friends no doubt!

There was a fun house and how you got out of it was going down the slide! These pictures crack me up! 

Beautiful Maddyn


Who knows what happened here but of course Kristen's is the best


hahahahaha Angie! hahaha


 Y'all.....isn't this the best picture of Billy and Billie? I mean do they look alike or do they look alike (minus the beard)!


Little momma and her babes

So Billie Marie makes the funniest faces in her photos. Whenever there is series of photos taken of her, you can beat that at least half of them she is making a face. Examples below. 

What a fun night for us all! Brody was exhausted and hungry when we got home and slept so late. We all did actually. 
Stay tuned to next Wednesday for Brody's Halloween day and his first night of Trick or Treating!