Thursday, November 17, 2016


Dear Diary,

On Monday, Brody and I loaded up and went over to my Grammy and Granddaddy's house again. I am loving my play dates over there. They are hands on, laugh at his funny personality and just love all over him. When we went a few weeks ago, he was a little shy but warmed up quickly. This time he walked in like he owned the joint and just started his jibber talking to Grammy. This week, my sister Kara and Hayden decided to join us. The boys had such a fun time together and it was nice seeing my sister. So my Grammy has a chip drawer (probably where my love of chips originated from), and Brody has found it. He went right to it, pulled out the Cheetos and they had a bowl together. 

Cheetos sharing time. I honestly think this may be the first time he has had a Cheetos before cause when we went to Sam's Tuesday, he saw the big pack of them and put his hands out. Needless to say, we have a big bag of Cheetos in the pantry.  

Playing with Hayden time. It was such a beautiful day so the boys wanted to be outside. Grammy and Granddaddy have a great backyard for playing and exploring. 

Brody has taken a huge liking to my Granddaddy. He follows him, likes to hold his hand, and seems to be curious as to what he is doing. Now, if it's because the dogs tend to be around Granddaddy and Brody loves the dogs or whatever it is, I know it melts my heart. My Granddaddy is a very special man to me so to see my kiddo have the same feeling towards him, just makes me so happy. 

Love, Me