Monday, November 21, 2016

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 5: Go Getters

SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not watched or don't want to know what has happened, STOP reading now.

This week has us at Hilltop with Gregory, Jesus and his crew. Maggie and Sasha went there after episode 1. 
This episode starts with Maggie waking up staring at blue flowers and doctor Carson says welcome back. He informs her that her placenta separated from her uterus. She asked if she lost the baby and he says no. The baby is good and then lets her listen to the heartbeat. He tells her to take it easy for a few days and she needs to stay there for her pregnancy. Then we see Sasha waiting outside for Maggie and she ask her if she is ok. She ask Sasha where they are and she takes her to two grave sites. Sasha gives her Glenn's watch that her father had given Glenn seasons ago. They both agree to stay and then Jesus walks up and brings flowers to the graves. Gregory comes up to them and tells them they need to leave. Gregory doesn't like people burying people and think they put them in a risk with The Savior's. He then takes Glenn's watch and Jesus tries to talk him into letting them stay but he won't have it. They tell Gregory she's pregnant and he says well that's her mistake and walks away. * Rick is talking to a few people about how they need supplies because they are coming back. Rick and Michonne kiss goodbye. Carl wants to know why she didn't go with his dad. She says there are things to figure out and leaves. Carl looks out the window and sees Enid trying to leave. She says she needs to see Maggie and says she'll be fine. He says he's not saving her anymore and she says she sorry he had to witness what he did. He says he's not as she goes over the wall. Jesus is talking to Sasha and she wants him to help change Gregory's mind. She says she will leave but Maggie needs to stay. That she will fight for Maggie to be able to live there. Sasha says Jesus needs to do more and he hands her a necklace that was Abraham's. He had found it. There's a knock at the door and its Maggie. Jesus says he's going to try to help them and leaves. Maggie ask Sasha what now and she says we stay, what is he going to do. They argue about it for awhile. Enid is riding a bike when she comes to an abandoned gas station and sees a walker. Just then a car comes plowing in, killing the walker. It's Carl. He says he felt like a drive and smiles. Maggie and Sasha are woken by music and look out to see fire and walkers. They try to get out but can't. Sasha goes to the roof and looks out to see more walkers. * Maggie gets to the roof as Sasha jumps down to try to turn the radio off. Jesus and few others go to help while Maggie instructs them what to do. Gregory looks out his window but then goes into hiding. Just then Maggie comes in on a tractor driving over walkers to kill them. She drives over the car, destroying the car and the music. Enid and Carl are walking together talking about what happened to Glenn and Abraham. Jesus is trying to get Gregory to keep Sasha and Maggie and Gregory says Jesus can be the leader if he wants. Then Sasha and Maggie come in and Sasha says she will go if Maggie can stay and then cars drive up and he puts the girls in a closet to hide them. The Saviors are here. Enid and Carl come across a backpack that have roller skates in them (which so happen to fit) and they roller skate together, holding hands. Gregory answers the door and all the men come piling in. He says hello and Simon (the main man) says they need to talk. * They go into the study and stare at a painting. Gregory says he got the message from last night. Simon goes on to say that Gregory has a nice place and that they probably forgot what a corpse look like and they were going to kill them for him but Gregory's people cleaned it up themselves. They talk about how people (Rick's crew) got killed and how those people are now Negan's people. Then Simon says he is their Negan because that's what Negan wants. Simon ask if there is anything he needs to know and Gregory takes him to a closet (where you think the girls are hiding) and its just booze. He says he will take them all and claim he found them to Negan. Then he tells his men to only take half of everything, including the painting and then ask Gregory to kneel in front of him. Gregory does so and they leave. Enid and Carl get to Hilltop and see Negan's people. Enid realizes that Carl didn't come to help her. He came to look for Negan and kill him. Then they kiss and she begs him not to go after Negan but knows she can't change him and then walks away. Gregory is yelling at Jesus for hiding them in the wrong closet and he stops him. Then Jesus steps up and says Gregory is the leader but not in charge. Then he tries to talk to Maggie who punches him and takes the watch of Glenn's. She tells him this is her home now and to call her by her name. * Jesus explains how Gregory was already in charge when he arrived and he thought that he was chosen but he's seeing different now. Maggie leaves and Sasha ask Jesus if he can find where Negan lives and keep it between them. He agrees to it. Maggie walks out and is looking at Glenn's watch and sees Enid sitting at Abraham's grave (Enid thinks she is sitting at Glenn's, which is has put green balloons at). They hug and go to the trailer to eat. Sasha comes in and ask who put the balloons on Abraham's grave and Maggie smiles at Enid and tells her she didn't have the heart to tell her that wasn't Glenn. They all sit together and eat tomato soup and grilled cheese. Maggie gives Enid Glenn's watch and says she doesn't need anything to remember him by, that she has us (meaning the girls) and then they hold hands and pray. Negan's cars drive away and Jesus jumps into the back of a cargo truck carrying the food. He dumps the liquor and when he turns around, Carl pops his head out from behind the boxes and says hey. 

Main points of this week show:

  • Gregory is a wimp of a man. I understand how he thinks the girls are going to get them killed, especially if Negan finds out but hide them in a good hiding spot and be done with it. 
  • I love Jesus. I hope he stays around a long time.
  • Where can I find a friend like Sasha? 
  • Carl and Enid are too cute together and I hope something happens there. 
  • Maggie giving Enid the watch was a beautiful example of who Maggie is and what she will become. 
  • Thank God the baby is ok! Maggie needs that glimmer of hope, something to hang on to in this dark time. 
  • I think Jesus and Carl might be a dynamic duo, even though Carl isn't the brightest bulb. He is resourceful and Jesus might be the leader to learn from. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

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