Friday, November 18, 2016

Five on Friday

We decided to move Brody to our big table to sit with us when we eat. He's getting old enough to sit with us and not need a tray. We are LOVING it. But without a tray, I was trying to use a plate and for the first half of when he eats, he doesn't notice the plate. But then when he is almost done, he would pick the plate up and everything left would go flying. But my mom saw my Instagram Story of him sitting up there and sent me this place-mat that is also a plate for him to use. And it ROCKS! We got it Wednesday night and towards when he was done, he tried to take it off the table and he couldn't! It suctions itself so they can't pull it. It's easy to clean and can go into the dishwasher! We got ours off of Amazon and it comes in blue, green and coral. They also have other shapes as well. Just click the link next to one. and it will take you right to them!

two. Weather
I am so ready for cooler weather. And this weekend, we are told it's supposed to be the start! Sweaters, Boots, I come! 

three. IllumiBowl don't make fun. But this has saved my life more than once in the middle of the night. I pee in the middle of the night, almost every night. And before we purchased this, I would have to turn the light on to see. And turning the light on at 3am when it is pitch black, is an ordeal in itself. Then trying to see after I'm done from my eyes being use to the light, I usually trip over something or hurt myself. So we bought this and I am telling you now, it rocks. You can change the color to 8 different ones (we have it on light blue). It sense you and turns on and it only lights up the bowl so you can do your business. It stays on for 2 minutes and instead of that annoying bright light, it lights up just enough. Bobby and I consistently talk about it. hahahaha (it's the small things people). You can find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond but I found it on Amazon for you. Just click the link next to the three. and it will take you directly to it. 

I have been having the hardest time getting Brody to drink milk from anything, other than a bottle. It has been a struggle. I finally put the bottles up right after he turned 15 months so he couldn't see them. Out of sight, out of mind. But the kiddo still wouldn't take milk. I have found he will drink water out of anything, but he likes a soft nipple for milk. I was on Amazon and randomly found these. They have been discontinued by Munchkin so you can only find them on Amazon. Just click the link next to the four. and it will take you directly to them. They are like a water bottle meets a baby bottle meets a sippy cup. I did have to take a knife to the slits in the spouts because they were a tad small and he couldn't get much out. But so far, it is working like a charm. 

five. Sexiest Man Alive
People's Sexiest Man Alive magazine came out this week and I have read it cover to cover. I love that The Rock made the front. I personally love The Rock and think he is a gorgeous man so for him to grace the cover was no surprise. This is my favorite People that comes out because it just highlights the gorgeous men of Hollywood and who doesn't love that?!