Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Walking Dead Monday

Ok yes, it's Tuesday...I get that. But yesterday was a very special kiddo's birthday so The Walking Dead had to be postponed to today.

Let's get to it.

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 3: The Cell

SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not watched or don't want to know what has happened, STOP reading now.

Daryl, Daryl, Daryl! Oh how I have missed Daryl! This episode starts out with Negan's right hand man, Dwight, showing how his day goes as one of the Saviors in what they call The Sanctuary. How he goes around collecting things/food and as soon as Negan walks by, they bow. We see some prisoners in a gated area fighting off chained walkers. Dwight then fixes a sandwich with dog food. We see him give that sandwich to Daryl in a cell, being held prisoner, listening to loud music (a song called Easy Street that plays over and over) and Daryl eats it. * We watch as Daryl sits day after day in prison eating his dog food sandwich, listening to the same song over and over again, wasting away, who has been naked this whole time is now given a uniform to wear. Dwight then comes to get him and he meets up with a doctor. There is a girl in there who has just taken a pregnancy test and it is negative. She tries to talk to Daryl but they stop her. As they are going back, Negan comes across them. He needs to talk to Dwight. Dwight takes Daryl outside and they are looking into the same field with the walkers and prisoners. He tells Daryl that he can either be like them or like him. * Dwight puts him back in his cell where the song plays over and over and over again. Negan and Dwight talk about how close Daryl is to breaking. Negan offers Dwight a women but he turns it down. Negan isn't happy about that but a situation comes up and Dwight is needed. A man has escaped. * A different man brings Daryl a sandwich and doesn't lock the door after he leaves. Daryl notices this and gets out of the cell. Dwight is on his motorcycle and comes across a bunch of walkers who look like they got blown up. He then looks up as one comes crashing down on him. He shoots it in the head. The girl we saw in the doctors office finds Daryl trying to escape and tells him to go back. He ignores her and goes out a door where motorcycles are waiting. Then men surround him and Negan comes out with Lucille. * Negan starts asking his man who they are and they all reply "Negan". Negan then says Daryl has 3 options, 1) dead 2) in the cell and wish he was dead or 3) work for him and live like a king. Daryl doesn't respond and Negan goes to hit him but stops. Since Daryl isn't afraid he likes that. He leaves to go get a drink and the men beat Daryl up. We see Dwight pushing his motorcycle cause it has a flat. He sees the man who escaped and jumps him. We see Daryl in his cell and we hear someone in a soft voice say hello. It's that girl again. She then talks to him for second and leaves. Dwight has a gun to the man who escapes head as they are walking. The man wants to know why they are answering to one man with a baseball bat. Why are they living this way when they don't have to. He wants Dwight to kill him. They have some words and the man agrees to go back with him. He starts to walk away and Dwight shoots him in the back. * Dwight makes it back and is smoking a cigarette with the girl from the doctors office. They make small talk. We then see Daryl in the cell with the music playing again. It then stops and his cell opens up and he is handed another sandwich from Dwight. He then tells him to eat and rubs it in his face how he got his friend killed. Daryl then throws the sandwich in his face. Dwight then gives Daryl a photo and leaves. The music starts back up. Daryl then loses it and cries, with . Dwight comes back in later to get Daryl and takes him to Negan. We learn that Dwight had a wife, who had a sister that Negan ended up trying to marry to help with her sickness but Dwight ended up stealing the meds with his wife & her sister and escapes. But Negan finds him, he finds out the sister has died and Dwight's wife agrees to marry him to save their lives. The girl from the doctors office is Dwight's ex-wife Sherry, that is why he is so interested in her and staying up to date with her. Negan agrees to marry her but not before putting a hot iron to Dwight's face and now Dwight is his assistant. Negan then tells Daryl he has one question and ask Daryl "who are you" to which Daryl replies "Daryl". Negan then says he made his choice and sends him back to his cell. Daryl tells Dwight he understands why he took the meds, cause he was thinking of someone else. That's why Daryl can't agree to Negan's way. Then Dwight goes back out to the area with the walkers and we see the man who Dwight shot as a walker. 

Main points of this week's show: 

  • We have met Sherry before. It wasn't until the end did I remember her. She was with Dwight and her sister Tina when Daryl came upon them and when Dwight stole his crossbow and etc. etc. 
  • We actually see how much Negan is worshiped by his people. 
  • It seems Dwight and Daryl come to a bit of an understanding as to who each person is. 
  • Negan really likes Daryl, that is why he hasn't killed him. Daryl is strong, tough, loyal...all the things Negan likes, hence why he is trying to break him to get him on his side. 
  • This episode was a bit slow but it gave you so much insight into The Sanctuary and it really showed you how strong Daryl is. 
  • If they kill Daryl.....I riot! 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen!