Tuesday, March 1, 2016

30 weeks

How old? 30 weeks

Likes? Avocado, mini pancakes

Hates? Teething, being alone. I notice those 2 go hand and hand. When he is teething really bad, the being alone gets worse.

Milestones this week? Planking. He will be on his tummy and then all of a sudden go flat and raise up on his toes and arms and hold it. Almost like he going to do push ups. He is also starting to try to pull up on things. He doesn't have the ability down, but he keeps trying. 

Sleeping? Awful. This has been a bad week for sleep. He has 4 teeth coming in so he's miserable. Getting up twice in the middle of night. Will only nap like 45 minutes alone and then I have to rock him for him to sleep for another hour because if I don't, he will be super cranky and I will be miserable. 

Eating? This week I have noticed he really isn't into baby food anymore. He's kind of over the pureed stuff. So we have been trying more "real" food. I bought him Eggo mini pancakes and he loves them. I just heat one up in the microwave and break it apart and he devours it. I got him wafers for him to chew on and he's great at it. I also got him these little bitty star shaped pasta that I made and have been adding to his pureed food for more texture and to get his jaw in the act of chewing.