Friday, March 4, 2016

7 months old

How old? 7 months

Weight? 22 pounds ( 93 percentile)

Length? 28 inches (93 percentile)

Likes? Reading, chewing on everything, his ball pit, taking the chairs in our kitchen for a joy ride, his toy car he got for Christmas.

Dislikes? Playing by himself for to long, being left alone, being able to see me across the room and not get to me.

Eating? He is almost over baby puree foods. He likes whatever Bobby and I are eating which can be hard sometimes because there things he can't have still. We let him try everything that his age can eat. This month he has tried mini pancakes, yogurt, pizza crust, wafers, cereal (like real cereal, not oatmeal cereal), chicken, brisket, quinoa 

Sleeping? This month has been hit or miss for this kid. If he is teething, he sleeps awful. Which makes total sense, but it always seems like he is teething. He is getting them in so fast. My mom and dad bought him a stuffed moose (since his nickname is Moose for them) and he loves sleeping with it. He cuddles it at night and at nap time. I don't bring stuffed animals out of his bed cause the dogs will think they are theres, plus I like him having something to sleep with. To cuddle and love on. 

Awake? When he is awake, he is going. It seems we don't stop in my household, even when we are at home. We are always playing or going somewhere or doing something. 

Milestones? Crawling, planking, eating things on his own, telling me when he is done eating, opening drawers he can get to

Anything new? He now likes to take a bath on his belly. He was all about staying on his back to bathe but as soon as we put him in, he flips over and starts grabbing for his toys. We tried sitting him up and he likes it ok but if he teeters one way or the other it freaks him out. I also bought him some sunglasses and finally found him some ball caps that fit now but will grow with him that aren't corny. I got him a batman and superman one. 

How's mom and dad? We are great. He is definitely a hand full but learning together has just made our bond even stronger. We finally had a date night for Valentine's and it was wonderful. Not having to rush dinner or end up holding a baby because he is screaming at us was very nice. We just talked and had drinks together and it was just what we needed.

How's Dash and Bullet? Boy do they love that kid of mine. They are never far from him. When he wakes in the morning or after nap, they are the first to head in his room to get him. If he is crying, they go try to figure it out. They lay next to him, they lick him constantly, they look for him. They are slowly becoming the best of friends! 

Photo dump...
You can find this shirt at

His smile is my favorite!

Billie Marie and her baby Brody. This little girl loves him so much and thinks she is momma to him and Jace. She always ask about him and makes sure he's taken care of whenever she is around. Even though he is only 2 pounds lighter than her, she insist he sit in her lap. 

Fly high little man

Playing with cousin Kent is a lot of fun! Kent is so good with him and Brody adores Kent. Being a big brother has made Kent incredible sweet to the littles and shares very well. And doesn't mind when Brody chews all over his stuff. 

Somedays his hair is so crazy! But I love it.

Licking the salt and tequila off of Pop's lips. 

This girl! Landry Kate Smith aka Lou aka Tutu aka Brody's future babysitter. Talk about a girl in love with her cousin. Everything is about Brody to her. Has to be by him, see him, talk to him, hold his hand, feed him, love on him, him sit in her lap, her hold him standing up, kiss him, hug him, the list goes on and on. 

My little GQ model right here people. I mean, that body, those eyes and his could he not be every girls dream!

Favorite photos this month? I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this picture of my dad and Brody. It was after dinner one night and dad carried him out and Brody could not stop kissing him. He kept doing it over and over. My dad doesn't get to see him much but for some reason, Brody is very comfortable with him and has this very sweet bond with him. 

 My babies! I told you, they are never far from each other

A father and son, in ball caps, showing the world how much they love each other.