Thursday, March 31, 2016

Confessions from a MOM of a sick kid

Dear Diary,

Things I have learned so far from having a sick kid:

  • There is no time for yourself. And when you do get that break when they are napping, you find yourself taking care of dishes and laundry and feeding the dogs and using the bathroom because having a sick kid doesn't leave anytime for anything else. 
  • There is no time for anyone else, including your husband. Sorry babe....backburner for you. 
  • All you want to do is take away their pain. Give me the fever. Give me the stuffy nose. Give me the flu. Give me strep. I could use a few days of just go ahead and give me that burden. 
  • Leaving him alone for any given period of time doesn't work. It just doesn't. 
  • How I become the worst parent in the world because I need to plunge your nose out because you can't breathe and all you do is scream bloody murder like I'm cutting off your arms. 
  • Cuddling is at an all time high. Which is the best except when they can't breathe or have a coughing attack or have fever and you are both sweating from it. 
  • How yogurt is a bad choice for a kid who coughs so much that he spits up.
  • Don't wear black when you have a kid with a runny nose. Snot shows up everywhere! 
  • How poopy diapers become 10 times worse than they already are because of the medication. Where is my mask...stat! 
  • How I remembered to eat, brush my teeth and shower is besides me. Seriously did I remember to do those things?

Being a MOM is a kick-ass, up for anything and everything, wipe away snot with your fingers and wipe it on your pants, no sleep, no time alone, no break, JOB! Being a MOM is a JOB and I dare anyone to tell me it is not. Except I don't get paid to do this. Unless getting paid is being puked on, shitted on and snotted on, then I am the wealthiest women in the world. 

Now don't get me wrong, being a MOM is the best. It truly is. But being a MOM to a sick kid sucks balls. 

To all those times I was a sick kid, to all those times I did all the above, to all those times I didn't give you a break......THANK YOU MOM! Thank you for the cuddles, and the late nights, and the non complaining (to me at least) and the cleaning up you had to do. THANK YOU! 

Love, this MOM