Tuesday, March 29, 2016

34 weeks

I love this shirt. It says Daddy's Lil Bro and since we call him Bro-Bro a lot, it was just fitting for him

How old? 34 weeks

Likes? Feta cheese 

Hates? Being sick

Milestones this week? This week has been a drag for him and me. He's slept a lot, been cuddled a lot and hasn't done much of anything. He is pulling himself up on the ottoman to the standing position and turning around to grab the couch so that is kind of a big deal. Granted the ottoman and the couch are about 12 inches away from each other so it isn't a huge reach for him but I praised him for it. 

Sleeping? This week has been amazing, minus the one night we were up forever. But in his defense, he had a fever and couldn't get comfortable. It was awful. But besides that, he has slept through the night and has taken great naps. Granted he is on flu medicine but I'm hoping he will keep up the trend once he's off of it since that's been what he has been doing for a week now. 

Eating? He hasn't eaten much this week. Hasn't had much of an appeitite. So the only thing new he tried this week was Spaghetti O's and he loved them.