Tuesday, March 8, 2016

31 weeks

How old? 31 weeks

Likes? Applesauce, the remote control 

Hates? Falling

Milestones this week? Pulling up on his own. He just decided he wanted to do it Friday night. He told himself he was 7 months now, it was time. Bobby and I couldn't believe what we were watching. When this kid sets his mind to something, he does it! Only problem is that once he's up, he doesn't know how to get back down so he starts to panic and will either fall or just start crying for one of us to help him. 

Sleeping? Eh....it's whatever. I have just realized that this kid just isn't a good sleeper and it is what it is. He's growing and healthy so I am super blessed by that. 

Eating? He is such an eater and will eat anything. This week alone he has tried chicken nuggets, strawberry cake, Pirates Booty puffs, cheddar cheese, string cheese, Pop-Tarts and a cereal bar. And even though he only has 2 teeth, he is incredibly good at chewing his food. His jaw muscles are amazing so I never worry about him swallowing before he's chewed it.