Tuesday, March 15, 2016

32 weeks

How old? 32 weeks 

Likes? Bubbles and mac-n-cheese

Hates? Daylight Savings Time

Milestones this week? So many! We are officially crawling. He has figured out how to pull his knees up and go. He is doing that rocking thing all the time and then springs forward. He cracks me up. He loves standing and pulling up on things. We lowered his bed all the way down because he was trying to pull himself up. And because he is so tall for his age, we went ahead and went all the way down with the bed, instead of the middle one. He has tried so many foods this week (see below). He is feeding himself. It is something we have worked on for a while now. I feel like Brody is advanced in a lot of ways but when it comes to feeding, he is lazy and just wants me to do it. But we have learned to use our thumb and pointer finger to pick up the pieces and put them in our mouth. He choked on something Sunday night (scared me to death) but was able to get it out and move on. I can't put too many pieces on his tray because he will shove them in. Lesson learned for mom! 

Sleeping? With Bobby gone those nights, Brody actually slept great for me. It was like he knew I was by myself and decided to give me break. But when Daylight Savings Time hit, boy was he back to being a baby! It has completely thrown him off. Plus teething and he hasn't been feeling well on top of it all. I know I love my snuggle time but I seriously can not wait for the day when he sleeps through the night. 

Eating? We have tried strawberries, mac-n-cheese, Pirate's Booty, cinnamon sugar hot pretzel, and S'more Pop-Tarts. He just loves to eat. He actually isn't into strawberries like I thought he would be. He is just ok with them. But it's ok, he will like them soon enough. I try not to force things with him and I let him try almost anything (that isn't an allergy or could choke him). I find that if I don't force stuff, he eats better. And if he sees us eat it, he devours it.