Monday, March 7, 2016

Birthday Weekend

I titled this blog post that because we had 3 birthday's over the weekend! 

First up was Bobby's cousin's son Weston's, first birthday! I love first birthdays. They are so much fun to watch. Especially the cake part. And Weston did not disappoint. Poor baby had awful allergies (that turned into a cold) so you could tell he wasn't himself but when that cake came boy got to town! Katie was brave giving him an all blue cake and frosting! Alex and Katie have a red wagon and Bobby put Brody in it, not sure what he would do. He LOVED it. It was his favorite thing to do. People took turns pulling him and Billie Marie around the yard. Told Bobby we are going to have to invest in one of these because he seriously could have sat in it for hours! 

 Side note: This kid loves his Uncle Billy. Brody is that kid that when he goes into a crowded room, he needs a few minutes before he lets anyone take him from my arms. Except for Uncle Billy. For some reason, Billy can take him from me and he's perfectly ok, never once fusses or cries for B or I. Maybe it's because Billy is super calm. Maybe because he reminds him of Bobby. Or maybe it's just the awesome burly beard that Brody loves pulling....whatever the reason, I just love that he loves Billy.  

Birthday Boy! Isn't he just adorable?

On to the next party. Landry's birthday is February 4th but Kara had something every weekend in February and wasn't able to have Landry's party until last weekend. They had it at the most awesome place! It's called The Rec and it's in Grapevine. They have a huge indoor waterpark. It seriously was the most fun. Brody loves water but pool water is different than bath water. So we weren't sure what he would do or how he would act. We put a life jacket on him and stuck him in. LOVED it! Loved everything about the water. Even when his daddy forgot that there was the large bucket of water that fell every minute or so and was standing under it when it went off. Luckily he didn't drop Brody and luckily Brody loved it. I told Bobby that this was the first time I didn't see Brody as a baby. He looked more like a little kid. Bobby decided to take him down the slide but it went faster than Bobby anticipated and they both came crashing down. Brody freaked for a second but realized he was ok and was happy again. 

This one is such a ham. She would not get in the water at first. It took a good hour for her to put her feet in and once she did, she would go about waist deep and that was it. Billie for some reason reminds me of myself in some ways. She's independent, opinionated, stubborn, marches to her own drum and incredibly adorable in pigtails :-) 

The beautiful birthday girl! I love this girl more than she will ever know!

Kent was all over the place. Once he put that life jacket on, he was gone. Fun fact about Kent: if you ever hand him a cupcake, expect the cupcake to be devoured in about 5 seconds. I am not kidding. This kid eats a cupcake like he hasn't eaten in days. He shoves the whole thing in his mouth and just chews. It's hilarious! Had us all cracking up.

And we can't go a night with Pop without kisses. My kid loves giving kisses and if he knows you, be prepared to be drooled all over by his wet slobbery kisses. 

 Probably my favorite picture of the night. What a lucky kid to have aunts like these 2 or as they like to call themselves, the Krazy K's!

 My sweet Hayden. He was upset half the night because the big slide they have, he wasn't big enough for and he wasn't allowed to stand on the sides like he wanted and he kept falling and at one time fell so hard I swear he twisted his ankle or knee because he cried so hard I had to get Billy to pick him up so I could get Tim. But he ended up just landing really hard and was ok after he walked around. Scared me though. 

And here is the slide that Kristen, Kara and I couldn't stop laughing at after they got off. Poor kid but he was fine. 

On to the next party! Junior's pump it up party was Sunday afternoon. Brody is still to small to enjoy parties like this. There are a lot of bigger kids and he can't even walk. Bobby got him in one of the bounce houses to play for a minute but because he bounced him so hard, Brody ended up puking all over my socks so he was done. But besides that it was a lot of fun. 

Aunt Angie couldn't make it to Landry's party so she made sure to get her Brody on at this party! I tell you this kid is so lucky in the aunt department. I've never seen 3 people who love a kid as much as their own......besides myself cause you all know how much I love my nieces and nephews! 

Cousin time. We had to keep Brody from poking Jace's eyes. He was so interested in Jace and kept reaching for him. He doesn't realize how much bigger and stronger he is. He can grab B and I as hard as he wants but little babies don't work like that. 

 Birthday boy! Love this kid (btw Julie-----please feel free to make me and Brody those strawberry cupcakes any time you'd like. I am still thinking about them).

What a busy fun weekend we had. My kid did great. I worried about the napping and the go go go atmosphere but he was a champ. Just went with the flow. Never once got fussy or complained. 

Favorite photo of the weekend definitely goes to these 4: