Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday fun

What a fun weekend. Bobby was at a work thing from Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon so it left me and my little B at home alone. He was great for me! We had so much fun together. Saturday morning I text my family to see what they were doing because Brody and I were going a little stir crazy. They said they were heading out to the mall and asked me if I wanted to come meet them. So I got us ready and headed out! 

outfit: Rags to Raches

Once we got to the mall, we decided to go get some lunch. I've told you before and I will tell you again, Landry Kate Smith loves her baby cousin. She always wants to hold him or hold his hand or talk to him or just be near him. I love it. So after he is done eating, I let her hold him. I always get the best pics of them two. Hayden isn't one for his picture taken, he's got things to do. One day I will get all 3 of them though. I am determined. 

Aren't they adorable? I love his face in this pic. 

And we can't be around Pop without giving him kisses! 

Before we got there, Landry and Hayden had seen a choo-choo train that goes around the mall and wanted to ride. Brody was free to ride but I couldn't send him by himself. So my mom and dad paid for Landry, Hayden, Brody and I to ride it. It was fun for them. I was hot. There was no air and my child kept climbing all over me. 

After we rode the train, we went shopping. Uncle Tim decided to get some cinnamon sugar pretzels that he so graciously shared with his nephew. Who wouldn't stop saying "mmmmm" and opening his mouth like a baby bird. 

Then we came back home and daddy was there. We were so glad to see him and have him back. We all needed naps and some quiet time together. And since it was nap and snuggle time, my phone was away and I didn't get any photos of our reunion. But there was lots of hugs, smiles, kisses, laughter and a whole bunch of snuggling. 

On a different note, my Younique party has ended and the winner for the free Lip Bon Bon is Jennifer Crecelius! Let me know which color Lip Bon Bon you would like (3 are available, 2 will be available beginning of April) and I will get it ordered for you! 
Stay tuned for my next giveaway, you could be the winner!