Thursday, March 24, 2016

As hard as it may be, just don't eat them

Dear Diary, 

So I know I keep going on and on about these Lip Bon Bon's from Younique but guys....I just got all of them in and I can't stop wearing them. I LOVE them! They are super soft on the lip and add just enough color. Sometimes I like a full lip. In your face bam! But other times I just like something sorta there, to where I don't look dead. And I have big lips so if I don't have something on them, you can tell. And they dry out easily too so I must keep stuff on them. After I got all of them in, I decided I would show you them. There is no filter, bathroom lighting, and yes...this is me. I tried to go in order of lightest to boldest in my opinion. 

Up first was Vanilla Milkshake. A white, creamy nude. It does have a touch of color, not a lot. I went around my lips 3 times to get this color to show you. So if you applied it only once, it would be extremely light. 

Then I tried Raspberry Cheesecake. A really soft pink. Loved this one. I went around my lips twice to make the color pop more. 

Up next was Chocolate Truffle. This color is more of a coral color. A reddish, pinkish, orangish color. Beautiful. I applied this one twice as well. 

Red Velvet Cake was up next. I would call this color a berry. Kind of a mixture of all colors. I applied this color once. 

Cherry Cobbler was last and boy did it stand out. It is was red cherry and I applied it once. The boldest color of the bunch for sure. But extremely pretty. Especially if you like a red lip but don't want that red lip seen from a mile away or end up all over your face.

I made a picture of all the colors side by side so you could see them...
Top row: Vanilla Milkshake and Raspberry Cheesecake
Middle row: Chocolate Truffle and Red Velvet Cake
Bottom row: Cherry Cobbler

My favorite for myself and my coloring would be either Chocolate Truffle or Red Velvet Cake. If you asked me to pick just one, it would be Chocolate Truffle. I love that coral look on myself. Someone with blonde hair and light eyes would probably look best in either Raspberry Cheesecake or Cherry Cobbler. My least favorite was Vanilla Milkshake but it's only because I am extremely pale and when you add a pale lip to that, it makes me look dead. Now once summer comes and I am a tan goddess, Vanilla Milkshake will be worn a lot. 

They are $22 a piece or you can buy all 5 for $99. Red Velvet Cake and Raspberry Cheesecake are on backorder till the beginning of April and the set of 5 is on backorder till early April. It is on a first come, first serve basis so don't delay. Order today and in a few short weeks after you forgot you ordered them, you will go to your mailbox, open it and a huge smile will come across your face! Believe me that because that's what happened to me. 

Love, Me