Thursday, March 3, 2016

"You could be the greatest. You can be the best. You can be King Kong banging on your chest"...

Dear Diary,

Over the weekend 2 things caught my attention. To the point of me rewatching this 2 things over and over again because I love them so much.

1) So I don't have a daughter but I have nieces' whom I adore and only want the absolute best for. And coming from a family who always supported me, this video hit close to home. The Disney channel is always on for Brody. When I was feeding him breakfast Saturday morning, I heard a song and it caught my attention. I only saw half of the commercial so I went and rewound it so I could watch the whole commercial. I had tears in my eyes. We are in a world where women are not treated with the same respect as men. We just aren't. But we are in a world where it is starting to become a problem and people are trying to do something about it. Being an inspiration to future generations, being a role-model to young girls, teaching them that they can be anything they want to be is something I strive for, even for my son. We are all created equal in the eyes of God and those are the only eyes that matter to me. The song is from The Script and it's called Hall of Fame. I love how they are taking Disney Princess' and turning them into warriors, inspirational women.

2) Durning the Academy Awards a commercial came on that I fell in love with. It's from the makers of Android phone about Rock Paper Scissors and bullying. So Paper is the new kid at school and goes to be with other papers who pick on him. Scissors sees this and goes to defend him. As they are walking home, they see Rock getting picked on and Paper goes to defend him. They join together with the motto 'Be Together. Not The Same'. It just really pulled at my heart strings.

I love when people take a stand for something. And how a 1 minute commercial can make you feel something and think. I love living in world where we are making progress. Even though it doesn't feel like it sometimes, it's things like this that restore my faith in humanity. 

Love, Me