Monday, April 3, 2017

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now. 

Here we are! Can you believe it? Season Finale!! Tonight's episode was an extra 25 minutes long so today's blog is LONG! And it jumped around from scene to scene so I did my best. If something is confusing, ask me! 

Tonight's episode starts with Sasha listening to music in a dark room of some sort and it seems she falls asleep. * She is still listening to music and she tells herself to wake up. She does and Abraham is sitting there and they kiss. They talk and he tells her that Maggie is in trouble. It's the baby and he is going with them to take her to the doctor. Sasha tells him not to go and then she wakes up again in the cell where Negan greets her with some food. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life he tells her. Negan compliment her and tells her no one wants to see her die. He wants her help in solving shit. He tells her to dig in and opens the food lid to revile smiley face pancakes. She ask him what he needs for her. Back at Alexandria, Rick has Dwight by gun point. He ask Dwight why and he says he wants it to stop, he wants Negan to stop killing people. Tara mentions to Dwight that he killed her girlfriend and when he says he wasn't aiming for her, Daryl attacks him and puts a knife to his eye. Dwight tells him to go ahead, he knows he wants too. Michonne says they can't trust him. He tells them the only reason he was with Negan was for his ex wife and now that she has escaped, he has no reason to be there. Tara tells Daryl to do it, to kill him but Daryl lowers the knife when Rosita tells them Negan has Sasha. Dwight tells them Negan is coming tomorrow and he can help them bide some time. Once Negan is gone (dead), The Sanctuary could be their's. Dwight knows how to get the workers on their side. He wants to end it. Rick tells him to keep talking. They let him go and Daryl tells Rick, when this is over, he is going to kill him. * Sasha is back in la la land with Abraham and tells him she had a dream he died. Back to reality, Negan tells Sasha his plan (without us knowing) and she starts to cry. She says she can do it but no one has to die. He says she is wrong, punishment is how he built things. She tells him again, that no one has to die. He tells her that 3 would have died, now he will just allow one to die. She says ok, just one. He tells her if she had a dick, he would still have these feelings toward her. Jesus is catching Maggie up to speed and she wants to take Hilltop over there to help. Jesus believes in Maggie and Maggie looks down at Judith and smiles. Carol is leading Ezekiel and his men when they come across shopping carts lined up. They pull their guns and Morgan comes out. Carol ask if Morgan killed any of them (The Saviors) and he says only walkers. Ezekiel ask him if he wants The Saviors dead and he says yes. King E calls them a dragon and notices Morgan is wearing Benjamin's armor. He wants Morgan to join them. He shakes his head yes. They keep walking. * Jadis and crew come to Alexandria with a bunch of garbage trucks and comes to Rick. She ask Michonne if Rick is hers and she says yes. She says she will lay with him after. Michonne gives her to stink eye and says they need to get back to work. Rosita, Tara, Aaron and Daryl are building a bomb inside a truck. Negan's crew comes across the trees that Dwight laid. Simon ask Negan if he thinks they might have done it and he says yes. Eugene wants a chance to talk to them first when they arrive. Michonne is checking the guns on a roof top and gives one to one of the Jadis crew. The lady turns to leave to go to another building to snipe but before she leaves she turns to Michonne, smiles and says 'we win'. * Sasha is back in la la land again talking to Abraham. She tells him to sit this one out. He ask her how he died and she says he was at the beach and he went under the water and never came back up. He tells her he hates the beach. He says 'lets go help Maggie'. And she tells him no, they can get someone else. Back to reality, Eugene is walking with Sasha to the truck and he tells her he was glad she didn't take the pill. Eugene tells her if people die today, its because of the choices they made. A member of Jadis's crew is using a dog whistle type thing to communicate with his crew. Rick, Carl, Gabriel and few others are getting ready in the watch tower. Rick tells Rosita to get into position, he will signal when ready. Just then Eugene's voice can be heard over a speaker. The trucks pull up and Eugene ask if Rick will comply to Negan. Rick wants to know where Negan is and Eugene says he is Negan. Rick looks down at him and then over to Rosita and gives her the signal. Rosita presses a button. Rick ducks and nothing happens. Just then Jadis and her crew pull their guns on Rick and his crew. Negan hops out the car and starts to walk with Eugene in. Michonne is watching through the snipe rifle and when she turns to leave, the lady comes back and says 'we win' and puts her gun in Michonne's face. * Negan is looking up at Rick and starts talking shit to him. Rick turns to Jadis and said they had a deal. She said Negan made a better deal. Negan says he understand why they tried to blow them up but doesn't understand why he would want to blow Eugene up. Negan tells Simon to open whats in the back of the truck and it's a coffin. He hops up to the coffin and says Sasha is in here, alive and well (where she is listening to music too). Negan tells Rick its simple. He wants all the guns, all the food and one person of his choosing to meet Lucille. He wants Daryl and the pool table. He wants it now or Sasha dies and all of them die. Rick wants to see her first. Sasha is listening to music again and goes back to la la land with Abraham and says it felt so real that he died. She just doesn't understand. He kisses her and tells her there has to be a point to all of this. He tells her Maggie is carrying the future and she says he's right. They both decide to leave. Just then reality and Eugene hands Sasha an iPod and tells her to take it as his compliments. Negan tells her she doesn't have to go the whole trip in the coffin and she says she could use the rest. Just needs a bottle of water and she will be fine. Negan says she is something else. Back in Alexandria, Sasha is still in the coffin and pulls out the baggie with the pill that Eugene gave her. She takes the pill. When Negan goes to open the coffin, a zombie Sasha comes out and attacks Negan. They fall off the truck and Carl starts shooting Jadis's people. In the madness, Rosita gets shot and Tara pulls her away. Michonne and girl are fighting on the roof top. Ricks crew is able to shoot some of Jadis's people. A man pulls Sasha off Negan and Sasha attacks him instead. It's David (the same guy who tried to rape her). Simon grabs Negan and shields him behind a truck. Rick wants to make another deal with Jadis and she tells him to get down and he doesn't so she shoots him in the side. He falls off the watch tower. * Ricks crew is still fighting and the girl has Michonne pinned. Jadis is walking Rick through Alexandria and he is seeing all the people dead and how his crew is held gun point by Negan's people. Michonne is able to hit the other girl off of her. Rick is lead next to Carl on the ground. Negan tells Rick this is going to make him sick, and hurt a lot. He tells Rick if he had a kid, he would want him to be like Carl. Michonne is pinned again on the cliff, and when we see Rick again, he looks up and sees someone fall and a scream. Negan notices it too and sees Rick's reaction and says something about he might have just lost another person dear to him. Negan says he is going to kill Carl, make it quick cause he likes the boy and then take Ricks hands. Rick says it doesn't matter if he takes his hands cause he will find a way to kill negan. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday he will kill him. Just then he says OK, takes Carl's cowboy hat off and is about to swing when Shiva comes out of no where and attacks the man behind him. Negan falls to the ground and Ezekiel and crew come out killing people. Right before someone can kill Rick, Maggie and her crew come out of no where and start killing people. A whole war breaks out and Jadis's people throw smoke bombs as a diversion to get out. Negan manages to get out, but not before throwing the bird in the air. Daryl climbs the watch tower and notices everything is gone from the other side of the fence. They all were about to escape. Rick and Carl run to where they thought Michonne had fallen over and it is the other girl. Rick runs upstairs to see a very battered Michonne alive. She tells Rick, 'we will win" and he says 'I know, we are.' * Back at The Sanctuary, Negan is talking with Dwight and Eugene. He turns to Eugene and ask how Sasha died in that box and Eugene says she ran out of air probably, we did seal it tight. Negan says maybe and turns to walk out. He walks out to his people and yells, 'we are going to war'. Jesus and Maggie are walking in the woods and come across Sasha. Jesus holds her down and Maggie cries as she stabs her in the head. Daryl is closing up the gate when he notices a figurine left with the words "didn't know" written on the back. The figurine was left by Dwight. Rick ask Maggie if Sasha did that to herself and Maggie says yes, she would have. Then Maggie gives Rick the best speech ever: "We were in trouble. We were trapped. Glenn didn't know you, but he helped you. He put himself in danger for you. And that started it all. From Atlanta, to my daddy's farm, to the prison, to here. To this moment now. Not as strangers; as family. Because Glenn chose to be there for you that day a long time ago, that was the decision that changed everything. It started with both of you, and it just grew. All of this. To sacrifice for each other. To suffer, to stand, to grieve, to give, to love, to live. To fight for each other. Glenn made the decision, Rick. I was just following his lead." The camera pulls away and we see Ezekiel, Rick and Maggie standing on a platform with everyone else around. Maggie pulls something out of her pocket and it's her daddy's pocket watch. 

Main points for this weeks show:
Where do I start?!

  • RIP Sasha. What a way to go. To sacrifice yourself like that. She knew the plan, so she knew he would open it and he would be the first one there. I knew you weren't going to kill Negan, but still. You made it so Rick's crew could defend themselves. 
  • I told Bobby I wanted to see Shiva kill someone and they did not disappoint. She killed a few people and I was so excited. 
  • To see all of them together like that, made my heart skip a beat. As one big crew like they should be. 
  • Dwight leaving that 'didn't know' figurine at the end made me question him again. He had his chance to take Negan out and he didn't. Maybe he will be a mole now or maybe he feels it is safer with Negan. Not sure. 
  • I knew there was something about Jadis is couldn't trust, I just didn't see it being that. Her crew is out for themselves so to take a better offer is not something I am shocked about, just how it all played out. Everything seemed to happen so fast last night. 
  • Rick tells Negan the same thing he told him the season premiere. I love how they did that! 
  • The season started on such a down. Like a deep dark depression. And I am glad the finale didn't end that way. I'm glad it ended with no cliffhangers, no 'who's going to die predictions'. It was the closing of one chapter and next season we start a new. 
  • Where is Gregory? Little weasel 
  • I love that Maggie is now in charge of Hilltop. And talk about the speeches of all speeches. Her end speech had me in almost tears talking about Glenn and Rick. I just love her character. And I love that she still carries her daddy's/Glenn's pocket watch. 
  • Where is it all going to go? I guess next season will be one big war. I want Maggie to have a baby girl, I want Rick to capture (not kill) Negan and keep him as his slave, I want Gregory dead, I want Michonne to get pregnant, I want Carl to cut his hair and for the love of God.....I want Daryl to take a shower! 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

See you in October! 

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