Tuesday, April 4, 2017

20 months

How old? 20 months

Weight? 31.5 lbs (95 percentile)

Height? 35 inches (96 percentile) 

Brody has taken a big development growth this month. By that I mean, at the beginning of this month, he wasn't talking a lot. At the end of this month, he is saying more words. Everyday is a struggle for us to get him to talk, but I have seen so much improvement these last couple of weeks. 
Miguel is a great talker so having him around Brody has helped. We have starting singing more songs, dancing, reading the same books over and over again. And just these little things have helped. 
He is all of a sudden a kid. I watched him on the playground last week and he was playing with some big kids and keeping along with them. I didn't have to just stand guard on him. I could let him play and I didn't worry about him falling or anything. 
He is still a good eater. Some days he will eat anything I give him. Other days he will only eat chips and gummys. 
He doesn't drink milk still. He will take a few sips throughout the day but just won't sit and drink a sippy cup full. I did have him on half whole milk/half vanilla almond milk but since he's just not drinking a lot, I would rather him have the regular milk. 
His favorite thing in the world is his baby blanket! 
He loves to dance and do motions to songs (like The Wheels on the Bus song). He is physically ahead of the game. His hand eye coordination is beyond impressive and he catches onto things very quickly (minus talking). He does love to learn and learns fast.
He is super adventurous and has no fear of things. He likes to tackle challenges (physically) and see how fast he can overcome them. 

How I love you so! You just keep learning and growing and so much fun to be around. You have this charm about you and a very funny personality. You never meet a stranger and you have these killer blue eyes! I am just so in love with you and I thank God everyday he gave me you. Being your mom is the best!