Thursday, April 27, 2017

Terrible Twos

Dear Diary,

The terrible twos. I believe we have already hit this stage for Brody. I honestly do. He's been advanced in everything (except talking) why would this be any different. People say I am lucky to go through it early. Better now then at 3. But what does the "terrible twos" actually mean. The true definition is a period in a child's early social development (typically around the age of two years) that is associated with defiant or unruly behavior.

I*N*D*E*P*E*N*D*E*N*T* to the max. Everything is about him doing it. And then he get's super pissed off when he can't. 
He's moody and does this fake cry crap I can't stand. 
He's acting out.
He's knows when he is not supposed to do something and he does it anyways. 
He pushes every button on us and knows that he is doing it. 
He wakes in a bratty mood and just cries when he can't have something. 
He throws food on the ground when I have clearly told him not to a thousand times. 
Did I mention independent? 

I just love this child beyond words and I want to be able to get through this period of life with my sanity. I am a stay at home mom so it's not like I can shove him to a pre-school and say "y'all deal with him" which on some days I would LOVE to do that! Any advice for me to get through this period of life? Any advice that you find to help me stay sane? Any advice for me not to spank him all day long? I could really use y'alls help on this. 

Love, Me