Thursday, April 13, 2017

Momma Love: Little Love

When I realized that it was almost time for bluebonnets, I hit up my girl Betsy (my trainer) and asked her if she was doing bluebonnet sessions. She said maybe, she would think about it. Next time I came to class, she tells me yes she is going to do mini sessions (15-20 minutes) but she can't give me dates because bluebonnets just come up at any time. But she knew of some places and as soon as they sprouted, she would let me know. About a month later they bloomed. 

I had not told Bobby that I wanted to have these pictures made. I wanted to surprise him. He loves his kiddo and I thought if he didn't have to mess with the photo shoot, he would love them even more. So the only people who knew were Betsy, myself, my friend Gabby (she helped dress me) and the lady's house we used. I told no family or anything. Betsy sent me days and times and one worked perfectly for us. It was the same night Bobby had a work dinner and was gone from about 3pm-10pm. He would have no clue nor question me. 

Next my thought went to what are we going to wear. At the time it was just going to be Brody in the photos. But something kept telling me to take a few with him. He is my baby after all and this was a surprise for Bobby. I follow a lot of children's fashion on Instagram and one in particular kept jumping out at me. It was these Momma Love, Little Love shirts from Ford and Wyatt. She had a great deal on both of them so I went for it. I thought the off white would be beautiful in the bluebonnets. 

After the session (which kiddo ROCKED), she got them back to me super quick and I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Betsy is brilliant behind the camera. She has this way about her. She is very calm with children and because of her CrossFit training, can get in all these funky poses. She has beautiful ideas on what to do and I love how she captures things quickly. She LOVED his blue eyes so she kept focusing on those. If you are interested in booking with her, I have included her information after the photos on the best way to get a hold of her. 

You can go to or you can email her at 
Also, since this was mini session, there is only 12 photos. Full sessions are way different and you receive a whole bunch more. She is worth every penny!